Danne announces brand developments at media brunch

Members of the Australian beauty press were treated to an exclusive brunch, post-Sydney International Beauty Expo, with Danne Montague-King, who chatted with his usual flair about exciting developments to the DMK brand and tackled the issues surrounding preservatives in skincare. In town for the expo, Danne took the opportunity over coffee and pastries to announce the launch of a new division and range with DMK Cosmetics.

Danne (pictured, far right with Daniel and Debbie Dickson from Danne Australia) spoke of the challenges faced when initiating a cosmetics line. He hired a team of specialists in pharmacology, chemistry and beauty including cinematic makeup pioneer Tommy Parsons and Brad Look, who heads the advisory board for makeup artists. The range will start with silicone-based primers, foundations and powders for all skin types and move through to pressed and loose powders, concealers, contour sticks and blushers. Accompanying these will be a range of specially designed application tools.

The long-awaited cosmetics range, due for release mid-2010 reflects the DMK skincare philosophy of keeping skin beautifully healthy while looking cinematically flawless. Central to this concept was Danne’s recognition that in a digitally enhanced age, makeup needs to keep up with the times.

Danné said that in a digitally enhanced age, we need highly defined makeup – makeup that keeps up with the times and offers a flawless image in a time when “high definition” shows up every flaw or blemish.

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