Beauty Pod poised to revolutionise foundation application

The Beauty Pod foundation applicator has been released in Australia by co-founders Melissa Carter and Sonja Lang.

“It’s Australia’s newest foundation applicator and it’s brilliant!” said renowned makeup artist and co-founder of the Beauty Pod, Melissa Carter of Melli Cosmetics.

Sonja Lang of Designer Makeup Tools and co-founder of the Beauty Pod, stated that she had been blown away by the phenomenal success of the product in the few short months since its launch at the recent Sydney Spa and Beauty Expo in September 2010.

“We knew we had an innovative and simple method for applying perfect makeup with the Beauty Pod, but what we didn’t envisage was the wide spectrum of clients that it would appeal to, on both a personal and a professional level. In addition to the increasing popularity with personal users, we’re also seeing that the Pod’s versatility is being recognised and embraced by a huge spectrum of professional makeup artists in the film and television industry, within theatre production companies and makeup schools. Bridal, fashion and special effects are other areas where the Pod has been accepted as a must have tool.”

“The real success of the Beauty Pod is the picture perfect finish that it gives, like the one you would expect from being professionally airbrushed.”

Contact: Designer Tools Australia 07 5476 9885 or Melli Cosmetics Ph 02 8205 7378.


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