Alexami Cosmetics Launch Online Shop

Alexami Cosmetics are excited to announce the launch of their new online store.

The Alexami Cosmetics Online Shop has been developed for customers outside serviced areas that would like to buy salon professional quality products direct. If customers can't find Alexami stockist in their region or country, Alexami Cosmetics Online Shop will be able to assist them.

It’s seen as both an evolution and a natural progression for Alexami. As a small luxury dedicated salon-only brand, Alexami’s volume of stockists is comparably low and limited to regions in a few countries including Australia, Korea, and Slovenia. Yet as a young and progressive company establishing its branding on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the demand for the product outside regions serviced by retail partners has been high from the outset. Alexami founder Alenka Dirbek stated, “The decision to open an online store was in response to customer demand. Our customers required greater access to the brand and our products.”

The Alexami Shop features a store locater to direct consumers to their nearest stockist, and seasonal offers or deals promoted on the online store will also be available to retail partners. “By connecting our customers with our local Alexami retail trade partners, they are assured personalized service and attention from our qualified partners dedicated to complete customer satisfaction – this is our ultimate goal. However for people who aren’t fortunate enough to have an Alexami stockist nearby, this is another solution,” Dirnbek said.

You can find it online by visiting

Contact: (07) 5593 7452

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