LATEST MAKEUP TREND: Lipstick under the eyes

The makeup trends just keep getting whackier. The latest trend to sweep the social sphere? Lipstick under the eyes. Perhaps it’s makeup genius, perhaps it’s just another vie for a slice of the social media pie. Whatever it is, you need to see this one to believe it.  


Dark under eye circles could be a thing of the past, thanks to an unexpected item most of us have lying in our makeup kits. First it was contouring, then it was “clown makeup”, and now it’s lipstick applied under the eyes. (Yep…).

This may sound just a tad nuts, but this latest trend is taking the social airways by storm, with vloggers demonstrating how to apply shades of pink to even red lipstick under the eyes in order to correct bags and create the illusion of flawlessness.


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Neutral eye look with a hold lip 💋💞 @ayshahssain

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How it works is this: lipstick is applied, followed by a thick layer of concealer on top – which is to be blended with a beauty blender or sponge to avoid any smudging. This process is continued with concealer, reapplied until the lipstick is completely hidden (it could get a little tedious so give yourself some time).

This emerging technique has followed on from the colour-correcting trend where vlogggers put bright orange coloured concealer under their eyes to get rid of any discolouration.

Could this be the answer to your under-eye-woes?


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While we’re at it, we thought we might highlight some other mysterious ways makeup is being multitasked on social media:

Eye shadow as highlighters: when there is no highligher on hand, shimmer-based shadows are being multi-tasked as face highlighters (and vise versa).

Concealer as eyelid primer: feature eyes are going nowhere with vloggers and concealer is their favoured product to prime lids for sleek cat eyeliner and smoky shadows.

Concealer as contouring foundation: let’s face it concealer is being used for basically EVERYTHING these days, but one technique that bloggers are loving right now is the liberal application of cream or liquid concealer to highlight the centre of the face. The idea is it gives that illusive glowing-from-within vibe.



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