Jax Wax at International Trade Shows

Jax Wax recently flaunted their products at the Olympia Beauty Show in London and the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa at Long Beach.

The team at the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa, Long Beach

The team at Jax Wax attended international trade shows in order to promote their depilatory wax brands Adam & Eve and Meticulous. All staff were kept busy on their feet conducting demonstrations, explaining formulations and speaking with interested clients. Jax Wax met with salon owners, students, trainer and both potential or existing wholesalers from places such as Norway, Denmark, Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean.

“We decided on the London show to launch Adam & Eve as we had just signed our first UK wholesaler. In the US we trade under the Meticulous name and we had just signed up a new wholesaler who suggested that we attend the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa,” Tina Copland, managing director of Jax Wax said.

The team at Olympia Beauty Show in London
The team at Olympia Beauty Show in London

At Olympia Beauty Show in London, Jax Wax was selected as one of 15 companies to be at an exclusive media event.

“The media event was an opportunity for us to meet press and bloggers. Designed specifically for companies new to the exhibition, we were able to talk about our products and company,” said Tina.

The waxing company’s time in America was equally successful – “after the show at Long Beach we went to our wholesaler’s premise in San Antonio (Texas) where we had an open house for 2 days. We met with schools and salon owners and conducted talks and demonstrations”.

“Overall, the shows were so successful that we have already booked for the UK next year as well as some other European venues. Our focus is very much on overseas expansion – these events have certainly helped us and we expect overseas shows to be a major focus for us in the coming years” said Tina.

This month, Jax Wax will be sponsoring the Wax Show, a one-day seminar dedicated to hair removal in the UK.

For more information visit www.jaxwax.com.au

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