HydroPeptide’s Dr Kitchen tours Australia

Peptides are a buzz active ingredients of the minute. If you want to know more, a masterclass with Dr Kitchen, one of the world’s formative experts on the subject, could be just the thing to get you up to speed.

Dr Kitchen HydroPeptide
Become a pro of peptides and buy tickets to Dr Kitchen’s Masterclasses on peptides and the technology that has gone into HydroPeptide.

Do you want to become a pro in peptides? US based Dr. Kitchen, Ph.D, Vice President of Strategy and Development on HydroPeptide’s executive team, is coming to Australia in May 2016 to do a country-wide tour to talk to experts about peptides and their anti-ageing effect on skin.

“Peptides are one of the most versatile active ingredients in skin care,” says Dr Kitchen. “Not only is each peptide unique in its capabilities, but they also blend well with other active ingredients and, if employed in the right formulations, can synergistically amplify results.”



In his role, Dr.Kitchen focuses on research and development and marketing strategy, and leads the company’s focus on the development and advancement of peptides – so this is a man who knows his stuff.

“Our unique selling point is the development of clinically proven products that customers love to use,”says Dr Kitchen about HydroPeptide, which is distributed by True Solutions International in Australia. “Creating a luxurious experience while still getting results is a big deal because it encourages clients to comply with a daily regimen.”

Dr Kitchen will be talking about the business and skin benefits of HydroPeptide in Sydney (9 May), Melbourne (10 Mary), Brisbane (11 May), Perth (16 May) and Adelaide (18 May). To reserve your tickets, call 1800 808 993.




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