How to give the perfect hand massage

The hands and arms are some of our most overworked body parts. Stretch out the kinks for your clients in just seven simple steps.




#1 Smooth and creamy

First things first: make the experience something special by opting for a massage or hand cream that smells delicious and is kind to the skin. Ensure your client has removed any delicate jewellery or watch and has their sleeves rolled up.

Grab some of your delicious cream and rub it between your hands to warm it up a bit. Holding your client’s arm in place with one hand, use your other to gently rub the lotion in with long, smooth motions. Go all the way to the elbow and repeat on the other arm. Repeat the whole process again if the cream hasn’t soaked into the skin yet.

#2 It takes two

Using one hand to hold your client still is a good strategy, and something you will be doing throughout most of the massage. Use your free hand to gently tease the muscles from the wrist to just beneath the elbow. Repeat on the other arm.

#3 Thumbs up

Use your thumbs to lightly brush the back of your client’s hand. Don’t be afraid to increase the pressure as your thumb nears the wrist.

#4 Sprit fingers

Take some time to massage each finger individually. Try giving the fingers a gentle twist in alternating directions then give a quick (not too firm) pull to finish. Repeat on all fingers and the thumbs.

#5 Palm reader

Turn the hands over. Use your thumbs to apply pressure across the palm, focusing on the meaty part of the hand where your client is probably most tense.

#6 Lock it in

Interlock your fingers on one hand with your client’s. Slowly rotate your hand to massage the client’s wrist joints. Alternate directions and end by pulling gently towards your body to stretch it out.

#7 Home stretch

You’re almost done! Move your hands slowly around your client’s and finish by gently moving your hands all the way down the arm from the elbow to fingers.


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