BLC Cosmetics has launched Fusion Meso, an international brand specialising in fractional and no-needle meso treatments, into the Australian market.


Meso Fusion offers no needles skin rejuvenation
Meso Fusion offers three treatment options, including a painless No-Needle Meso, which utilises electromagnetic pulses to rejuvenate the skin.


Speaking at the brand’s official launch in Sydney, Fusion Meso founder and CEO Raphaël Duérinck said the brand’s devices and solutions were ideal for the Australian market as they were highly effective in treating major skin concerns caused by sun exposure such as wrinkles, pigmentation and dullness.

“Fusion Meso is an exciting natural treatment that boosts connective tissue regeneration deep in the skin for a smoother, more youthful appearance,” he said.

“It is based on the principles of mesotherapy but has developed specific protocols that are less painful and involve a combination of techniques to provide increased results with minimal downtime.”


Meso founder and CEO, Raphaël Duérinck, demonstrates the Meso
Fusion Meso founder and CEO, Raphaël Duérinck, demonstrates the Fusion Meso at the launch in Sydney.


The brand offers three treatment options:

Fractional Meso uses the Meso Pen which makes micro-punctures up to 0.3mm deep in the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and encourage skin to repair itself while simultaenously increasing the transdermal delivery of ingredients via the tiny channels it creates.

No-Needle Meso is a painless skin rejuvenation treatment that uses electromagnetic pulses to stimulate the skin and create electroporation to opens the pores and create micro-channels to carry ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.

Fusion Meso combines the use of Fractional and No-needle Meso to increase the effectiveness and diffusion of ingredients in the skin.


Fusion Meso electromagnetic device
Fusion Meso electromagnetic device


Each treatment is carried out with Fusion Meso solutions that are sterilised through micro-filtration and packaged in vials to preserve the effectiveness and properties of the peptides and vitamins – and “ensure the highest potency of active ingredients for maximum results”.

In addition, Fusion Meso also offers ‘Smart Mix’ which allows beauty therapists to create bespoke topical creams for their clients.

Duérinck began his career with a PHD in Chemistry applied to Cosmetics Formulation & Engineering Process in 2000. He then went on to work with Pierre Fabre Laboratories in Los Angeles to help develop brands such as Physicians Formula and Galnic before taking up the position of director at anti-aging clinic ‘La Clinique de Paris’ in Spain.

In 2001, Duérinck founded professional skincare brand Oxynergy Paris which was based on peptides to maintain the activity of the stem cells and then in 2008, he decided to diversify with a medical aesthetic line and created Fusion Meso.


Fusion Meso was originally for doctors only but the brand has launched a professional range for salons which gives very similar results.
Fusion Meso was originally for doctors only but the brand has launched a professional range for salons, which gives very similar results.


Initially Fusion Meso was available to doctors only, however “due to high demand” a new version was created for beauty therapists to achieve “very similar results”.

Today Fusion Meso is available in more than 50 countries around the world.




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