Five things to know about Drew

Hollywood star Drew Barrymore jetted into Sydney recently on a whirlwind visit to indulge her passion for beauty and launch her own 100 percent cruelty-free FLOWER Beauty line to the Australian market. She admits to spending most of her childhood years in a makeup chair so knows a thing or two about the search for the ultimate beauty bag must-haves. We caught up with the 44 year-old mother and entrepreneur to find out her five beauty mantras.

  1. I’VE ALWAYS BEEN A BEAUTY JUNKIE so that passion has been with me since I was a kid. When I was in makeup trailers at work I would see these women getting their makeup done and this transformation would take place. It was less about how the face looked and more about how that woman was feeling inside and how her physical posture and body language changed.  It was so powerful.
  2. BEAUTY IS FOR EVERYBODY is actually one of our mantras.  I don’t think that anyone’s economic standing should play a part in feeling good about themselves. Love the way you look is our main tag line and I’ve always loved that because it was about feeling good about yourself.
  3. INNOVATION FOR ME IS KEY because beauty is so exciting right now, the innovation is incredible, how the consumer is forcing the bar to bring newness all the time.
  4. I’M INSPIRED BY MANY PEOPLE when I watch these young guys and girls on You Tube who are so excited by a new glitter shadow or a liquid eyeliner and they create this whole amazing narrative.
  5. MY GO TO BEAUTY LOOK is my everyday palette that I carry on the go because it has all I need throughout the day. Then there is the Ultimate Mascara to give my lashes loads of volume and I love my Petal Pout lipstick in Wildberry for a bold red.

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