Feather Touch Eyebrows Course To Raise Brows

Feather touch eyebrows have taken the beauty world by storm, with a surge of clients lining up for the handful of salons offering the exclusive treatment, and willing to pay a premium. Now a national course will let you bring the treatment to your business.

Google ‘Feather Touch Eyebrows’ and you’ll get some 100,000 hits, varying from salons offering the treatment to consumers trading notes on forums for the best place to get it done.

The new semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo trend of feather touch eyebrows has exploded in the past year, with some clients paying up to $1,200 for the privilege of having their sparse brows delicately reshaped.

The feather touch eyebrows tattoo technique involves drawing each individual hair onto the client’s brows until the desired fullness and shape is achieved. An initial consultation to design the shape and a follow-up appointment to touch up any fading is usually required.

The results are breathtaking, and so life-like that you’re very unlikely to ever be able to pick out anyone who’s had the treatment performed. That’s thanks to the feather touch tattoo tool, which allows the therapist to achieve the most feather-light, hairlike lines to mimic the client’s own brow hair.

It is also the least painful semi-permanant method to reshape the brows for a fuller, more youthful look, even when the starting canvas is literally blank (the treatment is extremely ideal for clients who may have no eyebrow hair at all, as the result looks like actual eyebrow hairs, rather than the stencilled on block look of the past.)

In 2015 Lashtique will be introducing a National Eyebrow Feathering Course to bring beauty therapists up to date with this lucrative new trend.

The course is designed to provide participants with the process of brow feathering itself as well as various techniques used and the theoretical knowledge behind the method. It will be held over two full days, presented by Lashtique founder and national accreditation developer and trainer, Danii Bennion.

Participants can expect to walk away with detailed knowledge of Feather Touch Eyebrows, from pigments used, to hygiene, aftercare and retouching.

Details in a flash

Who: Lashtique

What: A two-day Feather Touch Eyebrows course to teach therapists everything they need to know to practice eyebrow feathering in their own salons

When: Scheduled for early 2015

How: Interested participants can register interest by calling Lashtique on 07 3822 6634 or emailing info@lashtique.com.au

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