Spilt polish is far worse than spilt milk. But don’t panic, we’ve found an ingenious way to clear up the worst kind of polish mishap.


Sugar rush: Spilt nail polish can now be swept away
Sugar rush: Spilt nail polish can now be swept away.

Turns out the answer to a nail polish spill is sitting in your tea-making area. When nail polish is spilt on the tiles, just grab the sugar from the kitchen, tip a bit over the spill and watch the magic happen. White sugar works best (don’t bother with the coconut sugar); almost instantly it sucks up the colour and turns it into sweep-able crystals.

This is yet to be proven at Professional Beauty HQ but, in theory, if you broke the whole bottle, the sugar will help you sweep up the mess in one easy action.

So next time disaster strikes (hey, it happens to us all) get the sugar out and say “nothing to see here, people.”

For a brave demonstration, see the link below:




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