Dermalogica provides all stockist with professional workshops to keep them up-to-date and polished in education.


For Dermalogica, education is at the heart of their brand. All Dermalogica therapists are invited to undertake workshops run by training specialists.
For easy accessibility, all workshops and information can be found under the ‘Professional’ tab on the their website. The calendar format outlines when and what each workshop will be on – offering therapists flexibility and a wide variety of choices.

Topics covered include everything from product knowledge to merchandising and customer service.

All Dermalogica workshops are complimentary and open to stockists. Regional classes are also available.


Snapshot of 3 top workshops:

Merchandising to Maximise Sales

“See your sales soar by an average of 35% when you learn how to effectively merchandise your retail space and create dynamic displays that shout “buy me!” In this highly interactive workshop learn about the science behind self-selling areas and how to plan your space effectively and learn the do’s and don’ts of merchandising. We encourage you to bring photos of your retail space so together we can solve your challenges.”

Skin Expert- AGE Smart

“When a Dermalogica PST (Professional Skin Therapist) reaches Expert Status we need to ensure that we continue to deepen their true understanding of skin histology and ingredient technology. This workshop includes thorough insight into biochemical changes in ageing skin and the necessary comprehension of ingredient technology to call yourself a true Expert. We will address structural and function changes in ageing skin and also help breakdown this advanced knowledge in the most appropriate way in which to share with Clientele, ensuring they understand the professional treatment and homecare needed to address skin ageing.”

AGE Smart Investing In Your Future Skin Part 1 & Part 2

“Take on the biochemical reactions that lead to skin ageing with our amazing retail professional products and professional treatment for advanced results. It is essential to be knowledgeable in each of the formulations within the AGE Smart retail line-up, as well as master the professional products and treatment options. The workshop involves half day of theory/ half day of practical ensuring you walk away confident in treating ageing skin in the professional arena and prescribing the most effective products to provide real results for your Clients.”

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