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We talk to Mandy Thurgar, managing director of Skin Inclusive, about Spanish brand MyCODE and why adding a bit of alchemy is getting professionals excited.


Mandy Thurgar, Managing Director at SkinInc says that MyCODE will be a "game changer" for salons.
Mandy Thurgar, Managing Director at SkinInc says that MyCODE will be a “game changer” for salons.


What do you love about MyCODE? And why did you decide to bring it to Australia?

“MyCODE has been formulated to target the clients specific concerns and give the therapist back the position of consultation with the client,” says Mandy Thurgar, Managing Director at SkinInc which distributes MyCODE. “We bought MyCODE to Australia to excite the therapist and give the client some variety in treatments both within the clinic and at home.”

Can you please tell us a little bit about the brand and its philosophy?

“MyCODE is a revolutionary new concept, created by Summecosmetics, designed to prevent and correct specific skin concerns,” says Thurgar. “Each treatment is customized with a unique anti-aging code to target the needs of the skin, returning it to optimal condition.”


MyCODE targets each client's specific skin concerns.
MyCODE targets each client’s specific skin concerns.


It involves therapists mixing up tailored skincare for their clients, how easy is this for a professional to manage?

“The “CODE” system is easy to follow with a Table of Recommended Prescriptions within the Professional Lab,” says Thurgar. “The system is all about the conversation between the therapist and the client.”

So clients can have their skincare tailored each time they go to the salon?

“The clients have both their “in clinic” solution and the “at home” treatment customized to target multiple concerns,” says Thurgar. “For example, if a customer was concerned with pigmentation, loss of firmness and devitalized skin, a combination of code 01, 04 and 05 would be infused in the clinic using the MESOLAB phototherapy device, and to further intensify the results, this code combination can be applied within the Specific Serum for at home use.”

Has adding a bit of alchemy back into their therapy been a positive for professionals?

“The therapist feedback has been incredibly positive,” says Thurgar.  “To have the ability to be able to tailor-make and create a solution each and every time for each and every client allows the therapist to challenge themselves and their understanding of both ingredients and the skin’s response. It creates a conversation between the therapist and the client, and builds relationships that provides solutions.”

MyCODE allows professionals to tailor a serum, which clients can take home to address specific skin needs.
MyCODE allows professionals to tailor a serum, which clients can take home to address specific skin needs.


There is also a body range… Body products are huge in Europe, why do you think they’re not as big here in Australia? And will this change?

“Body products have been a challenge in Australia for many years,” says Thurgar. “I am constantly perplexed as to why as country where so much of our bodies are on show for such a big part of the year, appears to not place a great deal of importance on long term maintenance. MyCODE had the same CODE system for Body Products, to target specific zones. To apply the customized Shock Body Serum daily is as easy as applying a body moisturizer. The hard work is done by the therapist when they create your specific CODE. Imagine targeting 3 concerns at once, in just one bottle! MyCODE could be the game changer in body products for Australia.”

What are professionals saying about the range so far?

“Therapists are loving the options available to them with MyCODE,” says Thurgar. “Each client and treatment is new and exciting. The range is not overwhelming in [either] the Professional or Retail products. The jewel in the crown is the CODE system for both face and body.”

Anything new for MyCODE?

“MyCODE has just released an Eye Treatment range specifically targeting concerns of the eye area,” says Thurgar. “There is both a professional clinic system and customised at-home regime.”






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