Cirepil Enters Australian Waxing Market

BLC Cosmetics has introduced French waxing brand Cirepil by Perron Rigot to their portfolio, Professional Beauty spoke with BLC marketing & communications manager Fiona Coles about introducing this new brand to the Australian market.


What is Cirepil’s point of difference in the Australian market?

Unlike traditional methods of waxing, Cirépil wax encapsulates the hair, removing it from the root while leaving the skin undamaged which also reduces the pain of waxing significantly. The Cirépil philosophy and brand promise ‘ it is not just what we remove, it is about what we leave behind – healthy skin’ differentiates the range from other waxes in market. Cirépil wax formulation and patented epilation method enables the delivery of this brand promise, ensuring the integrity of the skin is uncompromised which means reduced inflammation, redness, downtime and no sticky wax residue for clients.

Another key point of difference is the ‘Brow System’ by Perron Rigot, for use in the salon as a professional brow design service with a retail take home kit. A hero product in the Perron Rigot range capitalising on the increase of consumer spend on eyebrow related services, the Brow System by Perron Rigot provides salons the opportunity to develop an additional profit centre within their business as well as upgrade their menu by offering professionally designed brows to their client base.

How will it affect/change the waxing industry?

The way that clients in Australia view and feel about waxing will shift dramatically after experiencing a Cirépil Happy Waxing service. Waxing with Cirépil is not just hair removal – it’s a complete beauty treatment in itself thanks to its clever product composition and patented epilation protocol. The exclusive pre and post wax process ensures clients will love how smooth and soft their skin will feel after every treatment. This will help salons not only attract new clients but build client loyalty and repeat visitation.

Cirépil is committed to partnering with salons and spas to make waxing a very lucrative profit centre in their business.

Any tips on switching hair removal products in salons? What should therapists say to their clients?

Therapists should focus on communicating the benefits to their clients; the promise of a virtually pain-free waxing experience that is quicker and more effective whilst giving lasting results will make sure that their waxing experience is a ‘happy’ one.

It’s important for therapists to remember that clients have different needs and skin types. Delivering a superior wax service that accommodates each client’s needs and provides consistently strong results with less irritation will keep your clients coming back to your salon regularly. The Cirépil range of specific formulations ensures therapists can provide the best match for their client’s needs, making Cirépil an extension of their skincare services. Even sensitive clients will see their skin looking calm and less irritated after a wax. Clients deserve an excellent result that goes beyond just removing the hair – why remove hair if the skin that is left is damaged, unsightly, red and in-grown hair prone?!

Any special promotions for new stockists?

  • There is a discovery kit for $199 (value $379) that includes our most popular all-purpose non-strip wax with our classic strip wax of choice plus all of the ‘must haves’ including a $150 voucher that can be used on the next Cirépil purchase.
  • Each Cirépil purchase (above a nominated amount) will include a credit voucher for use on the next purchase (amount varies with spend level)
  • Existing stockists of BLC Cosmetics brands (Thalgo, Kerstin Florian, essie) will automatically qualify for a Cirépil credit voucher when they spend above a nominated amount on their regular skincare order.

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