Christina Muse Training Workshop

On the 24th of February Skin Factors, Australian distributors of Christina Cosmeceuticals held a training day with salon partners.

Flavia conducting practical training

Located a the Skin Factors head office in Rosebery Sydney, the training day introduced salon owners, managers and staff to the new Christina Muse products and treatments. The theory training was conducted by Matoyla Kollaras and Timnat Prag from Skin Factors. The practical training was led by Flavia Spaccavento, Skin Factors therapist.

The training took attendees through theory, ingredients, product knowledge and practical hands-on training. In theory, Matoyla talked about the latest research in epigenetics, DNA/telomere and stem cell science, detoxification and chronological ageing vs physiological ageing.

“Fundamentally,  we  need  to  look  on the  inside  on  how  we  can  best  influence the  ageing  process,  and  that  includes how this affects the skin. Nutrition, lifestyle and allied therapy training is always an important part of our training sessions – therapists need to look at the skin on a holistic level, not just its outward expression,” Matoyla said.

“It was a day of invaluable life-training through the sharing of new and important information about understanding of the functioning of the skin & body from a DNA/genetic level.”


For the practical component attendees performed the Muse System 8-step face treatment on each other.

All who attended were impressed at the transformative power of this new line and the science behind it.

“I have fallen in love with Muse. The training is state of the art and you never leave a training session with any doubt or unanswered questions. The Skin Factors trainers are passionate, highly educated and well trained; I have never worked with a better group,” said Anita from Pure Oasis Spa, South Australia.

“Every time I attend the training, I get better understanding of the products, the philosophy behind the product and how to use it.  It inspires me – personally and as well as for my business,” Guida from Guida’s Skin Clinic said.

To book an in-house demonstration of the Christina Muse products and treatments, contact Skin Factors 1800 824 282

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