Celeb Makeup Artist Shares Her Biggest Secret Trick

Makeup artist to the stars, Helen Dowsley shares her secret tips for taking a client’s look from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Celebrity makeup artist Helen Dowsley has made up the faces of anyone who’s anyone, most recently beautifying the contestants on the latest series of The Bachelor.

With stunning results (did you see the transformation of The Bachelor’s Sam in the final rose ceremony? Wowzers!), Dowsley says the secret to the jaw-dropping looks she’s created for the rich and famous over the years has been in the attention she pays to the eyes, with the perfect set of  faux lashes a prerequisite for all her clients.

Now, Dowsley’s launched her own line of strip lashes so fellow makeup artists can replicate the look. Here she explains the perfect technique for seamlessly applying a client’s strip lashes, every time.

Celebrity makeup artist and founder of Helen Dowsley Handmade Faux Lashes, Helen Dowsley.
Celebrity makeup artist and founder of Helen Dowsley Handmade Faux Lashes, Helen Dowsley.

How to apply strip lashes to your client like a celeb MUA

Step one “Once makeup is applied hold the lash strip against the lash line to measure, then you can trim the strip down to your desired shape. Now you can apply a small amount of glue to back of hand, then using tweezers to hold the lash, dip the lash band into the glue,” says Dowsley.

Step two “Lashes are easier to apply if the client looks down,” recommends Dowsley. “Slide the lash band up onto the natural lash up until you hit where the lashes start, it should be flush. Whilst you have attached the outer, have the client keep their eyes shut, looking toward their  outer cheek – this will move the lid and keep it taught.”

Step three “For under lash application, hold the strip lash up to measure against the eye, then cut to size. It’s easier after that if you actually cut the lash in half and apply it twice. If you are applying to a curved eye, cutting the lash will also make it easier to apply. On a straighter eye, you won’t need to cut in half,” says Dowsley.

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