Salon Profile: Form Follows Function at Sydney’s the brows

Burrowed along Crows Nest’s busting Willoughby Road resides a quant salon shopfront with signage displaying the brows. The business was built by Sophie Pagett – a talented brow artist whose knack for face-framing saw her in previous roles with the likes of Kristin Fisher Eyebrows and HoneyTusk.

On entering the brows, its distinctly Bauhaus-inspired interiors make for a refreshing first impression. Eclectic blue and red finishings make sense against the bespoke studio’s intentionally genderless vibe. Books detailing the Bauhaus art movement sit at the salon’s waiting bay, where guests lounge in chic Wassily chairs accompanied by the wafting scent of Palm Beach’s Sea Salt.

Sophie discovered the style when devising a school project, having felt drawn to “its emphasis on clean lines and the integration of art with everyday life; its kind of a ‘no frills’ approach.” Sophie explains, “the Bauhaus movement’s main motto is ‘form follows function’. It’s this motto Sophie and her team carry through in their approach to their clients’ eyebrows, where focus is placed on achieving a considered shape.

Sophie opened the brows in November 2022 after working for “some extremely talented bosses who already had everything covered!” Sophie admits. Inspired and eager to go it alone, Sophie’s passion and drive is palpable. “The one thing I strive to achieve, and encourage my employees to foster, is genuine connections with each and every client. I can do upwards of 20 sets of brows a day – I know what I’m doing in that department – but if you make the effort to remember that your client’s baby is named Freddie, or that she wore a silver sequinned dress to her hens, guaranteed she will feel in safe hands and will leave with a full heart (and full brows).”

Able to achieve seemingly perfect brow symmetry, the talented artist pins her skill on the barber chairs she’s strategically installed in-salon. I have worked with both beauty chairs and full treatment beds over the years and hands down, the chair is so much better for getting symmetry correct (and much easier on the artist’s neck/back!),” she reveals. “You can get a bird’s eye view, and swivel it from side-to -side to make sure you don’t miss a thing.” Sophie also credits previous work as a makeup artist in crafting the right look.

The universal appeal of the brows’ interiors means Sophie’s books are occupied by clients of all genders. “I have always had male flatmates, and quite a few male friends, who ask me to do their brows. And, of course I can! But then getting them to actually book in at whichever salon I was working at was virtually impossible, as it can be quite intimidating and daunting to waltz into an overtly feminine salon. I still wanted to create a beautiful space, but more of a studio than a salon, and barber chairs help appeal to a wider audience.”

To further her offering, Sophie employed Tia, the brows’ in-house Senior Microblading Artist, on a part-time basis. “It took me six months to find someone I trusted, as she’s literally tattooing people’s faces and is representing my business.” Sophie remarks on her aim to educate every incoming client on their brows in a bid to avoid tweezing damage. For those wanting a fuller set, she says “microblading is a durable, low-maintenance option that can compliment your features and bring symmetry to your face.”

Despite her goal to fill all three barber chairs for every day they’re open, Sophie hopes to retain the brows’ status as a boutique business with a strong brand image, “focused on keeping the quality of the service, as well as the customer experience at an all-time high.”

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