A Bright Green Path

Innovator and leader of the mineral makeup pack, Jane Iredale chats to Professional Beauty about her 20-year long eco vision and the steps taken to achieve it.


At the end of 2013 Jane Iredale relaunched their Hydration Spray range after it was awarded with the prestigious Ecocert Certification for natural and organic cosmetics. As a key player and leader in the mineral makeup forefront, Jane is passionate about the earth and its future. An ongoing vision since the early days of her mineral brand, Jane shares with Professional Beauty the process of certification and why the brand is heading for greener pastures.

Where does Jane Iredale stand in terms of green cosmetics? Does the brand have an Eco vision?

Since we started the company 20 years ago, we’ve always had an Eco vision, and it has been on-going. I believe that an Eco vision encompasses not only products but packaging, life style, inspiring employees (we have an organic vegetable and fruit garden that employees work and harvest), and an overall concern for the planet and what we’re leaving behind. I believe this is not only important but essential to our future and for generations to come.

Jane Iredale
Jane Iredale

Why did the brand decide to get the sprays certified?

Where possible, we’ve always used organic certified ingredients but we’ve never advertised it. The sprays seemed to be the obvious place to start since they were all plant-based as opposed to the inorganic minerals which comprise many of our products. Sometimes people get confused between organic, meaning that the ingredient came from a live source as opposed to certified organic which refers to the way the ingredient was grown and processed.

What was the process? Did the product formulation change?

It was a long, complicated and arduous process. Ecocert follows each ingredient from the moment it is sourced to the moment the final product is placed on the warehouse shelf. They also analyse every ingredient that comes from the ingredient suppliers down to parts per million to make sure there are no non-certified ingredients such as synthetic preservatives used in the manufacturing process. Laboratories, factories, warehouses are all inspected at least twice. Although the sprays already contained many certified organic ingredients, as we drilled down to the level Ecocert required, we did change some of the ingredients. I think we have an even better product now.

Any news for the future in terms of taking more green steps?

We’re always taking green steps. But we also want to listen to the consumer to see what future steps she would like to see us take. As you can imagine, the process is an expensive one.

For more information visit janeiredale.com/au

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