This Device Helped to Shrink My Double Chin – Here’s Why Your Clients Will Love It

Hannah Gay embarks on a non-invasive treatment course to tackle her double chin.

In an age of zoom meetings, TikTok videos and filters, the concept of looking one’s best has been seriously refined. Natural beauty is in, but with a catch. Non-invasive treatments are on the up-and-up, with clients opting to achieve a younger, fresher, tighter version of themselves without the nip or tuck.

For me, I’ve long sat on the fence when it comes to cosmetic treatments. At the ripe old age of thirty, I’m a perfect candidate for non-invasive ‘tweakments’ – with a disposable income at the ready, I knew I was ready to graduate from the humble facial, yet wasn’t quite ready for fillers. 

When it comes to my profile, the part of me that’s always been a personal eye-sore is my double chin. Previous attempts to shift the weight have gone unrealised, and so I’d become accustomed to the idea there was simply nothing I could do about it. Intensive procedures like liposuction crossed my mind, yet the thought of going under a knife (or vacuum, for that matter) would be a great commitment mentally, physically and financially.

In hopes of sourcing a more realistic solution, I enlisted the help of the team at Cynosure. I had heard several good things about HIFU, or High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound, and placed my bets on their ULTRAcel Q+ device. The non-invasive technology, I was told, has a number of uses with one such ability to reduce stubborn fat pockets and tighten the surrounding area. While useful in targeting fine lines, wrinkles, lax skin, cellulite, and so on, device heads are also designed to suit the contours of the chin. 

Cynosure ULTRAcel Q+

To achieve the best results, the team set me up for a course of four, monthly treatments. The system works by directing heat to fat deposits via ultrasound waves, bypassing the epidermis so as not to cause damage to the skin’s thinnest layers. Heat works to stimulate collagen and tighten the skin from within. 

As complex as this process sounds, I was delighted by the degree of comfort I experienced during treatment. Gentle pulses were omitted from the device to let me know it was working, but with each ‘click’, I relaxed into a sleep-like state. After 20 minutes of treatment, I rose from the bed feeling distinctively tighter. It was after my third treatment, in particular, that I started to catch myself appearing slimmer at the jawline. Front-on, my dreaded double chin appeared to have disappeared, and noticeably minimised side-on; I even had family mention they’d seen a difference in me! After four treatments, I have more confidence the results will last long-term, with further treatments likely to illicit even better results in some clients.

[left to right] Professional Beauty’s Hannah Gay, before and after x 4 treatments using ULTRAcel Q+

To learn more on how it all works, I spoke to Clinical Education Manager ANZ at Cynosure and Registered Nurse, Sandra Sostres*:

HG: I understand the ULTRACel Q+ device was used on me in two parts. Briefly explain how the system works to dispel stubborn double chin fat.

SS: “Hannah was firstly treated with the linear cartridge – this cartridge utilises HIFU energy to permanently damage the subcutaneous fat layer, therefore reducing the appearance of stubborn fat in the submental area.

Following, we utilised the Dot cartridge which delivers HIFU energy in a fractionated manner to focus on regenerating collagen and elastin for a skin tightening.

When used in combination, the Linear and Dot cartridges work together to target fat reduction and skin laxity.”

What differentiates ULTRACel Q+ from other competitor devices in the market?

“The Ultracel Q+ HIFU System offering its exclusive Linear cartridge is the only product indicated for volume reduction in the submental area. 

The Q+ device has two types of HIFU treatment modes/cartridges, selectable according to treatment purpose. The Linear cartridge creates a bulk heating treatment to the fat layers resulting in adipose tissue disruption. This reaction activates the body‘s inflammatory response mechanism and the clearance of the fat cell debris by the body’s immune system (macrophage cells). The result is an overall reduction in local adipose tissue volume. 

The Dot cartridge creates focal heating, and induces thermal coagulation point, resulting in collagen proliferation and skin tightening.

When used in combination,  the two different levels of heat conduction produced by each cartridge can maximise fat reduction and tightening effects. The ULTRAcel Q+ also has fast treatment times.”

What makes ULTRACel Q+ an ideal investment for salon owners? 

“It adds another bow to their clinic offering.  In a world with far more online meetings the demand for treatments, for the lower face and neck- stubborn fat deposits and skin laxity, have increased drastically.   The Ultracel Q+ also has the benefit of being truly versatile as it is indicated for multiple treatments across the face and body.”

*This information is not intended as medical or legal advice or training; it is given for general informational purposes only. In no way does Cynosure or I make any representation, guarantee, or warranty, express or implied, or assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the contents herein. Ultimately, each practitioner is responsible for evaluating the appropriateness of a light-based treatment, determining the proper course of care, setting pre- and post-operative care and expectations, and discussing any other relevant information.  Please consult your Cynosure Operator’s Manual including Clinical Treatment Guide for details about the use, maintenance, care, and operation of your Cynosure system. 

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