The Rise of Holistic Technologies Transforming Beauty and Aesthetic Spaces for All-Over Wellness

Beauty and aesthetic professionals are often on the lookout for the next big thing; the next trending service or treatment to ‘woo’ their clients and help their businesses stand out. While introducing a new product line or massage technique to service menus can certainly draw in crowds, business owners are stepping outside the box and investing in holistic technologies designed to provide a head-to-toe experience.

Infiltrating the market are body devices serving multiple roles. Designed to uproot and ease both internal and external indications, such devices offer a middle ground between topical-only body treatments and sophisticated heating and cooling technologies. Instead, popular devices utilise holistic elements such as oxygen, copper energy and magnets to achieve life-changing results for clients.

Slimyonik Air

It was with this goal in mind that Dr Cosima, cosmetic physician and owner of her namesake Sydney medispa had in mind when taking on the Slimyonik Air six years ago. “Even though I am not a body focused clinic, I chose a device that can naturally improve wellbeing through lymphatic drainage,” she told Professional Beauty. “The lymph drains toxins from our body, and a generally sedentary lifestyle means that we don’t drain near as much as we should. Lymphatic vessels are only one to two cells – think very delicate and not visible to the naked eye – and therefore rely on muscular contraction to help move the lymph from the tissues towards the lymph nodes back into our circulation and final excretion through our kidneys and bowels.”

The technology presents as a body-hugging chamber and uses pressure therapy to create movement in dormant cells. A nasal cannula is used to provide the user with extra oxygen, encouraging the breakdown of fatty acids in the body to then be expelled via the lungs.

Slimyonik Air

While lymphatic drainage has been gaining traction amongst consumers, beauty and aesthetic professionals have vouched for the practice for years. Drainage treatments using holistic technologies like the Slimyonik Air are often recommended to clients recovering from injuries, surgeries and cancers. As suggested by Forbes, the practice is also beneficial for its ability to reduce swelling and inflammation, enhance immune system function and promote relaxation and stress relief. 

The Slimyonik Air has also been attributed to assisting with weight loss in clients. “[It] has so many benefits, from feeling lighter, having more energy, sleeping better to the obvious one – weight loss! Importantly the treatment will also tone the areas that lose the weight, which is so important as many of my clients that experience weight loss find that certain areas become saggy,” Dr Cosima said. A total of ten sessions, once or twice a week are typically recommended to achieve the best results, Dr Cosmia added, yet she advised that the level of result would vary from person-to-person depending on their commitments and diet. “The fact that it doesn’t just target the problem area but improves the wellbeing of the body overall makes it a complete system – as a stand-alone treatment, but also a perfect companion with other weight/fat loss and muscle stimulating treatments,” added Philipp Willmann, Director at Beauty Technology, the distributor of Slimyonik Air.


Jen Dixon, who operates out of Sydney’s Embellish Inc, has opted to invest in holistic technologies leaning into the practice of biohacking. Her offerings include HUGO™ Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF) technology and Hyperthermic Ozone & Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology (HOCATT™). 

According to Signature Health, “the High Intensity nano-second spark gap PEMF is a true ‘pulsed’ electromagnetic field that is strong enough to affect the cellular battery level and internal organs.” Pulsations are omitted via full body mats that users can lie on and between. The HOCATT envelopes the body in a chamber and runs various sequences – from the infusion of Co2, to micro-current stimulation, to light therapy. Jen added that during a HOCATT session, a cannula can be added vaginally for faster oxygen uptake “because the tissue internally is a lot thinner than [that of the] epidermis, dermis, and sub dermis.”


According to Jen, each device is designed to interfere with the cells to “create a more reliable source of energy,” so cells are less reliant on sourcing glucose-derived energy that is consequently reliant on unstable sugars. Rather than relying on glucose to power cells in the body, copper energy and magnets are used via the PEMF device, or oxygen via the HOCATT. 

By replacing these ‘food’ sources, Jen said “it takes the stress out of our body, and we can go into deep healing and work on inflammation, work on chronic conditions, repair the cell health, and put the cell back to its best functioning state.” The body is, therefore, placed back to its best functioning state. The impact can also be felt on the skin with the reduction of inflammation and other signs of premature aging. Unhealthy or non-oxygenated cells, Jen said, are less capable of absorbing nutrient-rich foods and supplements.

Why invest in holistic technologies?

Whether offered in a salon or clinic setting, demand for a holistic approach to wellness has been evident, Dr Cosmia noted. “If we are not draining our lymphatics adequately we can feel sluggish or heavy due to accumulation of toxins. What we notice in our clinic is that these toxins start to become visible in the skin with reduced glow, followed by breakouts. Helping to eliminate these toxins more quickly will also help to rebalance the skin more effectively than just focusing on skincare and skin treatments.”

Similarly, offering services of this nature makes for a more “purpose-driven experience” for Jen’s clients. “As beauty therapists and dermal clinicians, we’re so passionate about helping people. This is helping people on a completely different level because it’s not just about skin, it’s about aiding with chronic conditions and helping people that come in who are completely broken and at their last straw on their health journey. This is the ultimate recovery that helps people find their feet after being through something traumatic in their body,” Jen said.

For more information on Slimyonik Air, contact Beauty Technology.
For more information on PEMF and HOCATT, contact Signature Health.

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