Body Treatment Personalisation Is the Next Big Thing. Here’s How Bodyshock Is Steering the Trend

The demand for body solutions has increased in recent years, especially among female clients – among the most prevalent concerns are cellulite, localised fat, flaccidity and stretch marks. Global Product Manager at mesoestetic® Elisa Tapia reveals the latest treatment solutions utilising the bodyshock diagnosis system.

The factors that cause these aesthetic concerns are multifactorial and can impact each patient differently, so having a completely customisable treatment, such as bodyshock by mesoestetic®, allows a tailor-made body protocol. This provides the ideal solution with optimal results, targeting each individual patient and their particular concern.

In addition to healthy lifestyle habits, the secret to helping prevent and combat body concerns lies in the combination of the bodyshock aesthetic treatment with a home routine that adapts to the patient’s needs, prolonging and enhancing the results of the professional protocol.

The Personalised Approach

To ensure a completely customised programme, mesoestetic® has opted for diagnostic and monitoring technology with the bodyshock diagnosis system™. This digital platform, available to the professional, analyses the variables associated with the presence of the client’s main concerns and guides the professional in choosing the best treatment approach through a personalised recommendation based on the combination of different products in each session.

It also provides comprehensive monitoring of the patient through photographic records and measurements, allowing the professional to analyse the results and the patient to see their treatment personalisation is essential progress.

Treatment personalisation is essential due to the great diversity of triggers that influence the development of body concerns. This makes it possible to respond to the patient’s specific needs and create customised experiences in each session, encouraging patient adherence to the treatment.

Personalisation begins in the first phase of treatment: diagnosis, a key and very important phase in which all the patient’s data (history, lifestyle habits, concerns, etc.) must be analysed in order to create an individualised treatment, that is 100% adapted to the patient.

Using digital diagnostic and monitoring technology with the bodyshock diagnosis system™ allows the professional to analyse the variables associated with the the client’s main body concerns and guides the professional in terms of treatment protocol through a personalised recommendation based on the combination of different products in each session. It also allows comprehensive monitoring of the patient to achieve optimal outcomes.

Active Ingredients

In terms of efficacy, our objective is to use encapsulated active ingredients that enhance their absorption, helping to deliver the molecules to the target area. Innovation in encapsulation technologies has become a great asset in optimising the efficacy of bodyshock. The ability to provide a cocktail of encapsulated active ingredients, such as niosomes, helps increase the efficacy of bodyshock formulas, protecting the active ingredients from degradation and releasing them into the target areas of the skin where they will be most effective.

Formulas endorsed by proven results with encapsulated active ingredients to provide optimum penetration into target areas of the body are of utmost importance, as are innovative textures that are easily applied and allow for proper absorption. To enhance the absorption of the formulas, mesoestetic® has also developed specific massage techniques depending on the treatment area. This combination of formula efficacy combined with specific massage techniques provided by the professional exerts a synergistic action that maximises the results of the treatment.

mesoestetic Home Care

The home products also have innovative application systems that allow the treatment area to be worked on, enhancing the benefit of each formula in the daily body routine. These applicators make it possible to promote a draining effect, stimulate the treatment area and improve the overall experience, providing a feeling of well-being for the patient.

The efficacy of bodyshock body treatments has been demonstrated with in vitro studies, which is the way to quantitatively demonstrate the efficacy of the formulas; and with clinical studies that allow us to see the efficacy of the product in real cases.

At mesoestetic® we are committed to bringing confidence, clarity and scientific rigour to the world of beauty. Since our inception, we have been committed to developing treatments and products of the highest quality and efficacy, always backed by the results of numerous studies.

Elisa graduated in pharmacy where her interest in dermatology led her to specialise in dermapharmacy and the application of drugs in aesthetic medicine. She completed a master’s degree in cosmetic development in Paris, after which she turned her professional career towards marketing in the aesthetics sector.

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