Funded beauty therapy apprenticeships coming to Queensland?

It looks likely that the Diploma of Beauty Therapy will soon be available through a funded Apprenticeship in Queensland, according to APAN (Aesthetic Practitioners Advisory Network), and “qualifying salons will get remunerated for training an apprentice”, says the network.

“This will mean that businesses that undertake to deliver the practical component of an apprentice’s training will be paid to do so. The full diploma will take four years to be delivered and the apprentice will be required to work within a salon or clinic one day a week.  The intention of this program is to ensure that by the time the apprentice graduates they will be well versed and confident to work within a live salon environment with a full understanding of what will be required of them in an efficiently operated salon business.”    

The call for a funded Diploma of Beauty Therapy Apprenticeship came about due to industry demand from local beauty business owners. APAN, one of the key industry bodies involved in the process, says “Many issues are being investigated for this proposal and components being considered to include (but are not limited to): units of competency to be trained in at each Apprenticeship year level, restrictions and requirements for age and supervision in the workplace, pre-requisite entry requirements, and alignment to the current modern award.” 

JobOutlook predicts strong growth in the beauty therapy sector in coming years. And although the Australian Industry and Skills Committee noted a steep decline in beauty therapists Australia wide due to pandemic-related unemployment, they anticipate exponential growth in the sector over the next four years. Queensland is the state with the third most beauty therapist, with New South Wales and Victoria taking first and second place for most beauty therapists.

Extensive work has been done by beauty industry expert and educator Gay Wardle to bring about the Diploma of Beauty Therapy Apprenticeship and an interview with her on the topic is forthcoming to the site.

For now, there is no specific information available for Queensland salons interested in training Diploma of Beauty Therapy Apprentices, but should become available as the details of the program are finalised. You can contact APAN directly if you are a salon interested in the program.

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