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Ever had a client in tears over a botched DIY tan job? Or miserable over patchiness? A must for makeup artists and  tanning professionals alike, this clever new express tan remover could be destined to essential status.We talk to one of Antheia’s founders to get the lowdown.


Tan crisis OVER: Antheia Express Fake Tan Remover will get rid of old tan, botched tans or the over-tanned in minutes.
Tanning crisis OVER: Antheia Express Fake Tan Remover will get rid of old tans, botched tans or the over-the-top tans in minutes.


Created by Australians Michelle Young and professional makeup artist Brie Stevenson, Antheia has arrived to save your clients (and you, let’s be honest!) from fake tanning disasters with its simple spritz-and-wipe formula that removes tan in minutes.

Clients can use Antheia to tone down a tan that’s old and patchy, too dark, or quite simply a DIY job gone very wrong. Far from the enemy of tanning, this clever product will also cleanse, polish and buff the whole body to make sure your client’s skin is prepped and ready for they next tan appointment.

With a blend of active ingredients and pure botanical extracts, Antheia dissolves tanning pigment, meaning clients don’t have to scrub their skin raw to create a fresh canvas for you to do your best spray work on. It also means clients don’t need to wait for their tan to get patchy and faded between appointments.

Consider this a game changer.


We pin down co-creator of Antheia, Michelle Young, about how this clever product came to market.

Where did the idea for Antheia come from?

“We discovered the gap in the market after our co-founder Brie had clients coming to her in tears with their tan removal nightmares,” says Michelle Young. “Brides, models and actors would tell her that they were resorting to harsh household products to get their fake tan off. Something needed to be done to fix this, so together with my knowledge from years in the beauty business industry and our other co-founder’s​ Mamun business development and manufacturing ​knowledge,​ we decided to make it happen.”

How does it work?

“​It’s a simple two step process,” says Young. “Step 1 is REMOVE which is a delicate, yet powerful formula that softens and strips your tan off in minutes. The formula is a sophisticated blend of non-harmful actives and botanicals that have been carefully designed to dissolve the DHA, it comes with a muslin cloth to gently wipe the tan away. If you feel like you have an over​-​developed tan and you need to bring it down a shade, Antheia can do that as well, completely streak free!

​”Step 2 is RESTORE and is a lightweight liquid micro peel packed with AHAs and soothing botanicals that work together to remove dead skin cells and balance the skins pH levels. This product can also double up as ​the perfect pre-tan prep because it removes dead skin cells so effectively,” says Young.

Does it remove all types of tanning product? (Including professional spray tans?)

“Absolutely yes!” says Young. “We did many years of research and it was imperative that Antheia effectively and easily removed every tan on the market – from salon spray tans of all varieties to at-home formulas. We are proud to say that our safe formula will d​o the trick on every fake tan brand.”

What are people saying about the product so far?

​”We’ve been so overwhelmed and honoured with kind messages and emails of thanks that we receive each day from weekly tanners to professional models to mums at home,” says Michelle Young. “Fake tanning has so many variables, due to hydration levels, the fake tans formula and level of DHA; so for us to be getting such great feedback is so affirming to know that what we set out to create has worked.”


Antheia mean the end to streaks
Antheia may mean the end to streakiness and blotchiness…


What research/technology has gone into Antheia?

“Research and technology never stops at Antheia HQ!” says Young. “Our team is highly experienced in the areas of manufacturing and formulation as well as listening to the customer. We were perfectionists in the making of the world’s first express fake tan remover. We run focus groups on everything, including skin types and tone, tan varieties and different ingredients and most importantly how our customers are feeling.”

How long on the drawing board was Antheia?

“From conception to on the shelf was about 6 years,” says Young. “The product formulation and creation was an exciting and intense time with daily testing and enhancements to get to where it is today, available online and in stores. We will keep on pushing the boundaries and creating new innovative products to help solve problems in the beauty industry, so for us the drawing board is always up. Antheia Express Tan Remover is just the first in a line of to be released beauty products.”

What is your background?

“Our team all brings something different and complementary to the table,” says Michelle Young. “I am a beauty industry entrepreneur specialising in importing and exporting, Mamun Haque is a business development and manufacturing specialist and Brie Stevenson is a makeup artist and photo shoot producer.”




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