ABFAB Partners with Gatineau, Phytomer & Vie

Beginning at the end of September, Gatineau, Phytomer & Vie Collection will be available at ABFAB Beauty & Spa Sanctuary in Vermont, Melbourne.


Gatineau, Phytomer and Vie Collection are all exclusive salon brands that belong to the luxury or cosmeceutical market. The partnership with ABFAB will give residents of south-east Melbourne greater access to higher-grade skincare lines, making treatment and education more easily accessible.

Australian distributor of the brands, Michelle Givoni, is delighted by the prospect of this partnership and what it will do for the brand.


“We believe all Australians, regardless of location, should have access to beautiful skincare,” she said.

“The partnership with ABFAB Beauty & Spa Sanctuary will offer surrounding residents a suburban stockist for Gatineau, Phytomer and Vie Collection brands,” said Michelle.

ABFAB Beauty & Spa Sanctuary, 607 Canterbury Road, Vermont East, (03) 9873 2484

For more information on Gatineau, Phytomer and Vie contact 1800 037 076

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