6 Surprising Beauty Benefits Of Avocados

It may look unsuspecting, but the humble avocado is a serious power house when it comes to beauty…

If you’re like most normal people, you love avocado. If there’s something fundamentally wrong with you, you’re not a fan of it.

(Okay, we kid, we are serious avo enthusiasts, in case you can’t tell!)

But did you know besides taking Vegemite toast to the next level (you haven’t lived on the edge until you’ve tried it) and providing a seriously tasty topper for nachos (Mmmm…naaachos…), the humble avocado is actually a beauty enhancing wonder?

Here’s six beauty benefits you probably didn’t know it had…

1. It’ll get your glow on

Avocado juice is the perfect drink for boosting your complexion, helping restore radiance and elasticity, thanks to its rich quantities of essential fatty acids. Pop half of one in your fruit smoothie – we promise, it won’t taste weird! It adds a surprising velvety creaminess to drinks and desserts, you can even sneak it into chocolate mousse. True story!

2. It revitalises your scalp

Got a dry, angry scalp? Simply slather on some avocado (don’t do this in the presence of your partner, or your sanity may be questioned) to instantly regenerate and nourish dry skin. It’s that magic mix of essential fatty acids that do the trick again here, going to work in your skin’s cells adding moisture back in, and allowing dry skin to repair.

3. It’ll bid bad breath goodbye

If you suffer from bad breath (a serious issue when you’re expected to get up close and personal with clients all day long), slurp on an avocado rich smoothie first thing in the morning. Avocado has cleansing properties that allow it to detoxify debris from your mouth and digestive system, including the smelly microbes responsible for bad breath.

4. It’ll treat your eczema

A perfect natural alternative to potent skin creams and lotions, avocado is great for slathering on eczema, and helping reduce inflammation, thanks to its alkaline properties and the fact its oil very closely resembles the natural oils in your skin needed to repair and regenerate agitated cells.

5. It will refresh your face

Blend avocado and cucumber together in the morning and apply liberally to your face for a cooling, moisturising masque that only takes ten minutes to reduce puffiness and wake up tired skin and feels positively delicious on. Is it wrong that we’ve eaten it afterwards?

6. It can replace your cleanser

Trying to reduce chemicals in your skincare? Short on cash? Suffer from allergies? Whatever the reason, once you try a natural avocado cleanser, you won’t go back. Replace your regular daily face wash with a combination of a mashed avocado, a spoonful of honey and a dash of milk to get it to a runny consistency, then work into a lather in the shower and rinse off. Your skin (and your bank balance) will thank you.


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