5 Mins with Stefan Mazy

Professional Beauty sat down with SkinDNA founder Stefan Mazy to chat about his innovation in DNA ageing. 


Briefly describe your journey in the beauty industry so far.

I started out in the aesthetic industry at the age of 19 and found clientele were predominately focused on a short term focus. It was almost discouraging in the sense that there was such a need to fix the now without worrying about the future. I would hear it all the time – “what can you do for my skin NOW?”

Being in the industry I had the opportunity to learn about skincare ingredients, different types of treatment modalities, what happens when you combine them, why we layer, why certain products are good for some and not others and so much more. I was enthralled, this new way of treating aging skin was certainly my “ah ha” moment and it started me on a very inquisitive path.

What inspired you to create this DNA test? Trends? Misconceptions about ageing? A gap in the market?

The answer was in front of me the whole time but I wasn’t paying attention to it until I had finished learning what I had learned. People often would say to me I have my mothers skin or it’s genetic. I would reply like most other therapist agreeing that yes it is genetics. And like most of you the conversion would end there because beyond this is uncharted territory, there was very little information about the topic of genetics.

The creation of SkinDNA started out initially as a research project. All the “whys” I was asking all seemed to lead to DNA. I got to a point where the discussion of collagen breakdown led to being genetics. After that repeated road-block of leading back to genetics it all made sense. We do the treatment modalities to compensate for areas of skin aging we are struggling with. Our genes determine how we react to the treatments and product. This started the research project of identifying actionable pathways based on one’s DNA.

After years of compiling data, the research was sent off to be validated and came back with some strong scientific grounds. That was when SkinDNA was formed – a brand new approach to treating skin aging.

How did people react?

You would think that this (literally) industry changing technology would have people queuing up? Well like everything new, it took a very long time. Education is just as important, and the hurdles we were faced with was taking a concept completely scientific and delivering it to an audience with next to zero understanding of DNA Science. Not an easy job.

At the time the market in Australia was not ready for SkinDNA, there was still a lot of work that needed to be done so the company left and focused on the American market. We were fortunate enough to have SkinDNA featured on The Doctors and Good Morning America. What was rather ironic was that the Good Morning America segment made it on Channel 9 news in Australia saying a new DNA technology from America is changing the industry. My reaction, well politely was frustrated – it took leaving the Australian market to enter America before SkinDNA became recognised – only to be recognised as not Australian! What most people don’t realise is that every sample from all around the world is sent back to Australia for processing.

How is this technology different to other skin reading devices?

What’s unique about the SkinDNA Genetic Test is that it is a non-competitive product. It’s not a skincare product nor is it an anti-ageing treatment. It’s a tool designed to synergise everything this industry has to offer allowing to scientifically select the most suitable modalities designed for each individual patient based on areas they are genetically have a weakness to. SkinDNA does not measure skin appearance in real time but rather identifies genetic predispositions that are associated with skin aging. A skin reading device will identify any underlying damage, SkiNDNA can identify if you have genetic variation that can cause the underlying damage in the first place – essentially raising awareness before it happens.

SkinDNA is also a once in a lifetime test, whether you’re 8 or 80 your results will remain the same.

Why is it important for salons and therapists to understand DNA ageing/offer this service to their clients?

The role of the skincare professional is to provide patients with insights into the health and long-term maintenance of their skin and to create a connection with them so that they are not inclined to go else where.

The SkinDNA Genetic Test can be used to tailor a preventative treatment plan for your patients while eliminating any pushy sales tactics, rather rely on science to help raise awareness. Nothing is more powerful than having an external validation in the form of a report that lists specific ingredients and treatment modalities that have been scientifically selected for the patient based on their SkinDNA results. Consumers are faced with bewildering choice in what has become a trillion dollar skincare market. The SkinDNA Test helps take the guess work away.

Skin professionals, it’s time to up the game and start truly understanding why you do what you do, why you use the products you use, why you perform the treatments you perform, and why skin ages differently for other people.

For more information visit http://www.skindna.com.au/


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