Elleebana Global Artist Award 2021

The Elleebana Global Artist Awards 2021 has continued to explode in its 6th year of running. The competition has already received almost 200 entries in only two categories released and the team says they are absolutely astounded by the overwhelming response to competition so far. Elleebana Marketing Manager Sol Menezes says “The Elleebana global lash lift artist of the year awards is the largest lash lift competition in the world, we receive over 1500 entries for the main categories and the grand prize for each category is $2500 cash for first place  and we have 4 categories, The Great Lash Wrap, The Ultimate Before & After, Lights – Camera – Lift and The Lash & Brow Collection.” You can see some of the amazing entrants on their Instagram feed already.

The Elleebana Global Artist Awards is the only online competition of its kind worldwide. It started with an idea to create a platform for lash artists to become inspired by other artists and to showcase their own amazing work. Sol says “The global lash lift artists awards is a celebration of the art of lash lift. This service has become one of the most popular beauty treatments offered by salon professionals in the world. Elleebana has been on the forefront of development and education when it comes to Lash Lift applications and techniques and we wanted to help give Lash Lift stylists some more recognition for the beautiful work they are doing around the world. We have now expanded the categories to also acknowledge brow lamination and tinting or brow henna applications.”

As with so many things the pandemic has affected the competition and how people participate. Sol says “Since the pandemic hit, many stylists have been struggling on so many levels to just keep the doors open, with the amount of lock downs and restrictions we have seen quite a few close their doors. A lot of the stylists that have managed to stay open have struggled due to having restrictions on how many clients they can have in at the same time and this has taken its toll not only financially, but mentally. This competition has helped many stylists stay connected to the Elleebana community and the industry as a whole. It helps to inspire them to keep going and they also learn how to improve their techniques along the way with lash and brow applications skills but also instagram marketing, which is a huge factor in building and maintaining interest in your brand or salon.”

“Each year the competition gets better and bigger, with more entries from around the world subtitled by talented stylists. Elleebana is proud to be one of the first to pioneer Lash Lift competitions and help stylists who love the service achieve some recognition for the amazing work that they do.”

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