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ESK founder Dr Ginni Mansberg with husband Daniel Rubinstein

Best known for her TV appearances on Sunrise, the Morning Show and Weekend Sunrise, Dr Ginni Mansberg explains why she created the ESK skin care range – and why it’s so unique.

Why did you decide to create a skincare range?

I created the range to fill the gap in the market for evidence-based products. For every medical story I covered on TV I always looked to the evidence published in respected peer review journals.

In 2011 and 2012 I did a number of TV segments about skin care, all focusing on ‘what products should I buy?’ I looked at over 200 brands but still couldn’t give an answer I was comfortable with.

On a more personal level, I also struggled with hormonal breakouts and at times the makeup artists preparing me for my TV appearances struggled to hide my blemishes.

My skin problems combined with my frustration at all the marketing hype and poor product formulations lead me to create the brand.

How is ESK different to other skin care ranges?

‘Evidence, Integrity and Simplicity’ were the three things I found were lacking when looking at the skin care market. I therefore decided to create a range:

  • that only uses active ingredients with the strongest evidence so we know that we will get the best results
  • excludes known and suspected harmful chemicals
  • is easy to use.

The finished range is suitable for all skin types including those who suffer from acne, pigmentation, sensitive skin and the signs of ageing – and is accessible online to all consumers without the need for expensive clinic-based treatments, appointments or prescriptions.

What are the key products/ingredients in the ESK skin care range?

 The range is made up of cleansers, serums, an eye cream, a primer and moisturisers containing Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and AHAs.

Key products include:

Reverse C Serum: The first product in the range Reverse C Serum is formulated in the scientifically validated form, concentration and pH. With vitamins C (L-Ascorbic Acid) and E (alpha Tocopherol) in their most potent form, it hydrates, protects the skin and works to repair and prevent the appearance of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and skin roughness.

Ultimate A Serum:  While many are familiar with the vitamin A ingredient, Retinol, our Ultimate A Serum boasts the unique inclusion of Retinal – the most effective and least irritating form of Vitamin A (a bonus for those with reactive skin). Ultimate A works to plump, smooth and boost the skin’s barrier while revising pigmentation and skin tone.

Enlighten: With visible improvements reported after just three weeks, Enlighten is our stand alone pigmentation revision product. Containing a highly effective, safe and low irritant tyrosinase inhibitor accompanied by vitamin B3, the heavily tested formula works to brighten the skin’s appearance, encouraging a flawless and even skin tone.

For more information email info@eskcare.com or visit www.eskcare.com

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