The beauty industry is constantly evolving and new technology developments are inundating the marketplace. Anita Quade chats to salons  about how you can choose the best investment for your business as part of a series during August and September.

SALON INSIGHT from Me Skin and Body’s director Brooke Holmes

What safety protocols does your salon have in place in the event that a device is mishandled during a treatment? 

“As a clinic, hygiene and safety for both clients and staff are a top priority. We love that Dermafrac has disposable, single use needle heads and serum cartridges.

Single use consumables reduce the need to sterilise equipment and significantly reduce the risk of pathogen transmission. All used equipment is disposed of in sharps containers and hazardous waste bins and the handpiece is sanitised between clients with hospital grade disinfectant and the skin is thoroughly cleansed and wiped over with 70 percent alcohol to prevent infection during microdermabrasion and skin needling.

To ensure maximum equipment and treatment efficacy the following protocol is in place:

  • Hoses are regularly inspected
  • Filters are regularly replaced
  • Regular training is provided in clinic
  • Therapists regularly attend Professional Training with AST to ensure protocols are adhered to at all times.

A full consultation is completed prior to all treatments and consent forms are signed prior to check for contraindications. Our client comfort and safety is of upmost importance to us.”

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