SINCE 1978, LYCON COSMETICS Australia’s # 1 Wax Worldwide, skyrockets in popularity and demand year upon year. It is no wonder, as LYCON is recognised as the world’s best waxing brand due to its superior range of products, which continually redefine the global parameters of beauty.

LYCON is sought after by celebrities and those ‘in the know’ across six continents as it is regarded as the “crème de la crème” of hair removal waxes, which is why LYCON is the wax of choice by the top spas and salons in over 65 countries.

LYCON’s reputation
is built on Lydia Jordane’s uncompromising company philosophy of unsurpassed product quality, performance and professional integrity. With a strong company culture Lydia and the LYCON training team travel Australia wide and globally to deliver LYCON training, assisting the entire beauty industry in developing world recognised standards that remains unmatched.

Lydia can be spotted each year either teaching Brazilians to do Brazilians, or at the biggest trade shows be it London, Las Vegas, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands etc, then homeward bound in time for a trade show on home ground.

Lydia continues to inspire therapists everywhere, through training in LYCON’s unique waxes and waxing techniques, giving businesses worldwide the ultimate competitive edge and helping them increase their popularity and profits. And the best thing is that you can easily be involved right here at your own home base!

Ph: (07) 3004 6200