Eden Spa Launch ‘Little Miss Me’

‘Little Miss Me’ is a new program, available at Eden Spa, Camden, developed to help teenage girls define who they are and think about the choices they make in their own life.

Ashleigh Kajan, spa manager, says, “Today’s youth are bombarded by messages of what it takes to be cool and fit in. With school, homework and assessments, part-time jobs, sport activities and family commitments, it is little wonder our girls are overwhelmed and confused. Latest research confirms young ladies today face a “crisis of confidence,” which makes them vulnerable to risky behaviour.

“How do we address this crisis? Teenagers need to find out who they are before they can make sound choices for their future. They need to know what they believe in, what they are good at doing and what their goals and dreams are.

“Choices made by teenagers today will have lifelong consequences in later life. Help your daughter survive gossip, boyfriends, peer pressure, the media’s influence on beauty and other realities of adolescence with Little Miss Me.”

The program is not only educational but designed to be a fun and social way for teenagers to spend their time.

Visit www.edenspacamden.com.au for further information.

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