According to MineTan founder, Kirstie Kirkham, “the number of consumers interested in embracing a cleaner approach to beauty has drastically increased.” While MineTan did already offer their Pro Spray Mists in eco-friendly bags, Kirkham says, “We had feedback from our salon partners that bottles would be more practical for their own storage.”

With this feedback in mind, Kirkham sought to implement an innovative and even more sustainable packaging solution that would benefit both businesses and consumers.

“We wanted to find a solution that would ensure a move back to bottles was done with both sustainability and customer preferences top of mind,” says Kirkham of aligning their packaging with consumer expectations.

In addition to making use of pre-existing plastic that would otherwise sit in a landfill, MineTan’s switch to 100% recycled plastic bottles will also reduce extra packaging materials needed for shipping and handling purposes.

“The MineTan brand has been conscious from the start about using only vegan and cruelty free ingredients in our products. We’ve always cared just as much about what goes into our products as the results which come out of them, so when we realized the opportunity to execute this care into our packaging, it was a no brainer,” Kirkham added.

With the debut of MineTan’s 100% post-consumer recycled bottles, the brand will continue their efforts to educate their customers on the many benefits of buying eco-friendly products. Packaging across the entire MineTan Body Skin range is recyclable, but Kirkham states, “we will continue to be committed in finding innovative new ways to create more sustainable practices within our company.”

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