Professional Beauty and SPA + CLINIC are thrilled to announce Doctor Steven Liew will be appearing at the BEAUTY + SPA Insiders event on October 26 at Ovolo Woolloomooloo, where he will front a panel titled, “How to get the best out of your injectables.”

The specialist plastic surgeon and founder of Sydney’s Shape Clinic has been lauded globally for his development of a series of world-first non-surgical procedures. These pioneering techniques to re-shape and dramatically transform facial shapes and features have revolutionised the cosmetic industry.

Doctor Liew’s non-surgical procedure to re-shape and transform the misshapen or square shaped lower face and jawline to a more beautiful, feminine shape was the first in his series of breakthrough procedures.

He then went on to develop procedures to perform eye, neck and face lifts as well as lower jaw reshaping and gummy smile correction – all without surgery.

Doctor Steven Liew has created a series of world-first, non-surgical procedures.

In addition, Doctor Liew has also created ‘The Liew Lift’. To aid both plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians on how to achieve the best results for patients, Dr. Liew has also developed the Liew International Face Template.

A global beauty template, the Liew lift is fast being adopted as a universal standard and measuring tool for modern facial enhancement procedures – surgical and non- surgical – around the world.

Of his scheduled appearance at BEAUTY + SPA Insiders, Doctor Liew says: “There’s no doubt the year 2020 has been a crazy one, all of us have been affected in some way. I am so looking forward to this upcoming event, because education should never stop, and we should still continue to strive for excellence. We should use this opportunity to improve our networking, to get to know each other, but more importantly to learn about what is new and what are things we need to improve to better ourself. We will prevail (over the pandemic) and out patients will still demand greater service and expertise from us. As they say, when there is a crisis, we should look for the opportunity embedded within it.”

There’s 10 days left to purchase your ticket for the BEAUTY + SPA Insiders event! Get yours here.

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