It’s no secret that the men’s grooming industry is gaining momentum, what with an increased demand for male treatments at salons and clinics, and an influx of male-targeted products hitting the market. According to Allied Market Research, the value of the men’s personal care market is expected to reach $166 billion by 2022, which will see a compound annual growth rate of 5.4 per cent from 2016.

It was a movement that former GQ and Vogue commercial director Dennis Michael wanted a piece of, and which inspired him to launch MISTR; an online destination for the gent who is happy to spend cash on his appearance, and for the salons that he might frequent.

“The MISTR audience consists of an until-now unrepresented market of men who are looking to step up their grooming game and beyond the current offering into something with a little more heft,” says Dennis. “MISTR has introduced to the Australian market a slew of premium brands previously unavailable on antipodean shores. This, MISTR hopes, will help bolster the burgeoning men’s salon by introducing a new wave of products for therapists to use and help integrate into the Australian man’s grooming vernacular.”

Dennis knows Aussie men. And he knows how to speak their language. Such is the strength of MISTR’s delivery. 

MISTR was conceived as a way to provide all men with unbiased and personal care content and we are working with the best contributors in the game to form MISTR’s own unique, playful, entertaining and informative voice,” he says. “Over the last 12 months we have analysed the data that has guided us in selecting the brands featured in our online shop.” Such brands include The Grey, Recipe for Men, NOTO, Jason Lane’s Bro Mask, Maison Louis Marie, and Triumph & Disaster.

Furthermore, the site offers a classified-style listing section, featuring the MISTR team’s selection of impressive men’s grooming outlets. Barbers, salons and spas hoping to be considered should contact the team directly.


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