Dr Spiller treated 13 Face Plus Medispa clients to an evening of champagne and canapés with the brand’s skincare expert Sue Dann and three celebrity clients last week.


At the Dr Spiller launch with Sue Dann, Dhav Nadu, Leisel Jones and Sandra Sully.
At the Dr Spiller launch with Sue Dann, Dhav Nadu, Leisel Jones and Sandra Sully.


Last week, professional skincare brand Dr Spiller treated 13 lucky VIP Face Plus Medispa clients to a star-studded evening of champagne and canapés at the Medispa’s Sydney-based Bondi Junction premises. Hosting the evening was Dr Spiller’s skincare expert Sue Dann.

Over the course of the event, Dann told guests that Dr Spiller’s skin philosophy was simply to help people “rediscover great skin”.

“People aren’t born with bad skin,” she said. “Children’s skin looks after itself perfectly well but somewhere along the way things have gone wrong…

Special guests included Dr Spiller Biomimetic ambassador and award-winning news journalist, Sandra Sully, international Editor-at-Large Dhav Nadu (Elle China, Vogue Brazil, Vogue Germany, Vogue Turkey and Vogue Russia) and Olympic swimming champion, Leisel Jones.


It was a star-studded event at Face Plus Medispa Bondi Junction last week.
It was a star-studded event at Face Plus Medispa Bondi Junction last week.


Celebrity facialist, Sue Dann, spoke briefly to guests about “rediscovering great skin”, and shared insightful facts around women’s key skin concerns.

“Despite all the advances in skincare technology and the plethora of product choices on offer, more Australians than ever before are deeply concerned about premature ageing (dehydration, pigmentation and sensitivity are on the rise for every age group),” says Dann. “It begs the question: where are we going wrong? The answer is quite simple. Many products and treatments actually weaken the skin’s natural protective barrier ‒ we strip our skin with harsh cleansers, and we cause inflammation with regular application of acid-containing products and excessive exfoliation”

Sandra Sully and Leisel Jones also  spoke to guests about their experience with the Dr. Spiller Biomimetic brand. They talked about how they were introduced to the brand and how it has changed their approach to skincare. Jones openly discussed her struggles with her skin and how Dr Spiller and Face Plus Medispa helped to transform her skin.


Sue Dann with brand ambassador Sandra Sully.
Sue Dann with Dr Spiller brand ambassador, Sandra Sully.


Dann said Dr Spiller takes “a very different approach” to the majority of skincare companies by “supporting the skin’s natural function instead of constantly interrupting it”.

“Healthy, happy skin rests on two simple rules for an at-home skincare regimen: a gentle cleanser and hydrating with a moisturiser that is easily absorbed by the skin,” she says.

On the night, each guest received a complimentary skin assessment with Dr Spiller’s and Face Plus Medispa dermal experts to discover their skin needs and devised a treatment plan to target their specific skin concerns.

Dann left the VIP guests with one winning skin tip: “Before trying new products, people should ask themselves ‘Will this support or disrupt my skin’s natural function?'” she says. “Skin will happily maintain a beautiful balance if you don’t cause it stress and confusion. Dr. Spiller has proven that time and again.”





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