DNA Eye Renewal – Results Orientated Eye Cream

This eye cream contains a high concentration of DNA Repair Enzymes to help reverse and delay signs of ageing targeting dark circles, thinning skin, puffiness, fine lines, and other signs of damage associated with the delicate eye area. http://www.advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au/brands/dna-renewal/

DNA Sheer Defense – Reverses Damage and Protects

DNA Sheer Defense, (Medium, Light or Non-Tinted), helps repair past sun damage and protect against photo damage with DNA Repair Enzymes. Fast-absorbing and nourishing, micro-fine zinc goes on sheer and scatters and reflects damaging UV rays. http://www.advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au/brands/dna-renewal/

DNA Intensive Renewal – Light Activated, Age Repair

This day cream helps stimulate skin’s DNA repair process, providing wrinkle-smoothing nourishment. A fast-acting liposome delivery system of the highest concentration of DNA Repair Enzymes is light-activated to optimise daytime repair of damage. http://www.advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au/brands/dna-renewal/

DNA Regeneration Serum – Corrects Ageing and Photo-Damage

This serum harnesses the power of effective, concentrated and stable plant based GF to help self-correct ageing and photo damage. It reduces appearance of pores, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, photo-damage, and texture while improving thinning, bruised and aged skin. http://www.advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au/brands/dna-renewal/

Oz guru reveals Modern Face of Beauty

After six months travelling the world meeting experts in the aesthetics industry while filming The Modern Face of Beauty, host Stephen Handisides concludes that most people “merely want to look good for their age”.

Orly collaborates with MuslimGirl

US nail brand Orly has collaborated with MuslimGirl.com to create its first collection of nail polish specifically targeted at Muslim women.

TGA warns salons not to advertise Botox

The Therapeutic Goods Association has warned Australian “cosmetic/beauty clinics” that it is illegal to advertise services which use Schedule 4 substances such as Botox, Restylane, Juvederm and Dysport.


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