What does the nail colour your client chooses say about them? Read on to find out…

The naked truth

Nude, beige, cream and soft pink colours all point to a woman who is or wants to be seen as classically stylish. Favourites with beauty and fashion editors, don’t be fooled into thinking that the client that chooses these colours is shrinking violet too afraid to wear “colour”. The  Naked Truth client is closet fashionista so complement her on her outfit and make her day as she chooses the latest nude colour that looks just like the last manicure only 1 shade to paler Whilst telling her that she is “so on trend”! You will have a client for life, as long as you keep up your collection of white, off white, nude, beige, taupe….

I am woman, hear me roar

Nothing says “I have got it going on” quite like red nails. Red nails on a short nail for the professional woman is the equivalent of the Red tie for a man – commanding, confident and a little bit don’t mess with me. Red nails on a long nail and you are mixing commanding and confident with a splash of sexy for the ultimate siren look.  So next time you client isn’t feeling quite as confident and commanding as they would like, tell them to go for a classic red like ORLY Haute Red and tell them to fake it till they make it!

Rebel nail

Nothing says so 2013 than the rebel nail. So if you have a client that chooses this look she is bound to be a big Rihanna fan so talk lots about RiRi as you gently guide her into 2015.


Neon, the trend that just won’t die, largely because it is being kept alive by boisterous middle age women who “Choose life”. They  chose life in the 80’s as a teenager when fluros were huge and are having a great time going around again, just minus the scrunchie and the Choose Life t-shirts second time. If you have a client like this – Frankie says “RELAX”   and hand them the neon pink!

French manicure

The Original French Manicure®, invented by Jeff Pink, the founder of ORLY, can we worn hundreds of ways and points to many personality types. The original style with the wider white tip, as favoured by Cher and Barbara Streisand  back in the day, points to a client that needs to turn off the Housewives of Atlanta. Immediately.  A client that chooses a natural narrower white tip hints at a woman of style yet practicality for the French manicure is a look that goes with any outfit.

What about the client who creates her own French by mixing up colours and introducing art and patterns? Well hello heaven! You have found a client that you will never be bored with.  A true originator that will keep you hanging out for the next appointment just like the good old days when you had that one wild gorgeous boyfriend that kept you waiting for the next date.  So until the next date, I mean appointment happy painting!


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