Eco Friendly Packaging for Eco Minerals

Eco Minerals Luxury Natural Makeup is the creation of Byron Bay environment and beauty lover Luci Scarman. Eco Minerals is a professional
range of pure mineral cosmetics including a comprehensive range of best selling mineral foundations.

With a vision of a greener planet, with less plastic and a love of natural beauty products, Luci founded Eco Minerals in 2009. Now with a large following nationally and internationally, and with over 80 per cent of customers using Eco refill sachets, Eco Minerals is set to save tons of plastic waste with its sales of biodegradable refill sachets.

Packaging accounts for approximately 42per cent of plastic waste in Australia and of this only around 20 per cent gets recycled. The rest is landfil spilt in our oceans and dumped on our land.

Eco Minerals shoppers are encouraged to top up their original jars with eco refill sachets by offering Eco refills at a reduced price (save $4) with free
shipping and Eco reward points for customers.

Luci is delighted with the response the Eco refill sachets have received, “I think the most heartening thing is that most customers are ready to change and are happy to take the time to top up their jars with eco friendly refills. This tells me that if customers are given more options to minimise packaging – they will. People are ready to embrace positive change for our Planet.”

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