69th Annual Golden Globes is Going Green with NVEY ECO

NVEY ECO cosmetics are excited to announce they will be mingling with the stars at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 15 in Beverly Hills, California.

The NVEY ECO team will be giving the green treatment and introducing their certified organic makeup brand to more than 80 Hollywood celebrities and guests in the lead up to the awards event.

“Many eco-conscious stars are very vocal about the benefits of natural and organic beauty products, so they are going to love NVEY ECO’s naturally caring formulas and high impact, red carpet ready colour,” says CEO and Founder Rohan Widdison.

NVEY ECO, organic certified across Europe and the US, will also be gifting at the L’Ermitage Hotel where Golden Globe presenters and nominees will road test the all natural, high performance makeup, with the NVEY ECO team. The annual gifting event features high-end luxury lifestyle products for celebrities and personalities.

NVEY ECO – Pure Organic Makeup Artistry
Since 2005, Australian NVEY ECO has been at the forefront of organic makeup – developing and perfecting methods and techniques that have evolved into a pure organic makeup artistry concept. The entire NVEY ECO makeup range is not only internationally recognised as completely natural and organic, but is also 100% Natrue Certified, created through exclusive Bio Organic formulas and methods that use a harmony of carefully selected plant and mineral ingredients, blended with natural botanical extracts and powerful antioxidants to make a pure, gentle and highly effective makeup solution.

Visit www.nveymakeup.com to find out more.

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