Some people get excited over iPads. We get excited over the latest skin analyser device.

As every therapist knows, a successful aesthetic treatment begins with a professional skin consultation to address your client’s skin issues. And one of the most ingenious, and – let’s face it – fun ways to really get to the root of the problem is using a skin analyser device. Skin analysers tell you what your eyes simply can’t, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring you get the best possible results.

So if you haven’t hopped on the high-tech bandwagon yet, here’s three reasons you should get a skin analyser in your salon, like, now…

1. Oh-so grown up

“A client is more likely to feel they’re receiving a higher level of professional service when you engage them with a skin consultation using technology over just calling the shots at face value,” says Eliza Murray of The Global Beauty Group.

Professional skin analysers are like the grown-ups of the beauty playground. They can critically examine all of the most important attributes of a client’s skin, from sebum levels to fine lines, pigmentation and pore size, and with new revolutionary transdermal technology now on the scene, it’s even possible to delve deep below the epidermis to examine where skin conditions tend to originate.

2. Generating more moolah

“The most forward-thinking analysis technology works to champion your brand, allowing for customisation to generate treatment and product recommendations based on your own services and retail range,” says Murray.

This means your consultation findings always lead back to your business and what you can do for your client. Meaning better skincare for your clients and more moolah for your business.

3. The proof is in the pudding

Skin analysers offer clients a unique opportunity to see and understand their skin in a whole new light – and they will probably be shocked at what they come to learn! If you can visually demonstrate to a client that their skin has fine lines popping up that they never knew existed or that their sebaceous glands are working some serious overtime, they’re far more likely to follow through and book the recommended treatment.

“Skin analysers don’t leave much room for umming and ahhing – the proof is right there in plain sight,” says Murray.

“And as an added bonus, offering customers a free skin consultation with the latest skin analysing technology is a great way to increase foot traffic through your door and up those bookings rates.”

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