WelleCo, one of the first high-end beauty ingestibles to hit the market has just launched its latest product, The Skin Elixir in capsule form. Co-founded by Elle Macpherson and Invisible Zinc Founder Andrea Horwood in 2014, the brand is now putting The Skin Elixir’s powerful formula in on-the-go vegan capsules that support healthy skin.

WelleCo is know for its collection of plant-based elixirs that amplify your beauty through wellness. Macpherson says, of starting the brand, “I discovered that when the body is well, it shows on the skin, and the best way to keep skin clear, radiant, and blemish-free is to nourish the body with nutrients right down at the cellular level. So it made sense that it had to be ingestible. That’s why we originally developed The Skin Elixir.”

“When I first began taking The Super ElixirTM all those years ago, my skin was dry and dull. I soon realised that taking The Super ElixirTM each day completely transformed my skin. Consequently, we decided to develop The Skin Elixir to specifically target skin healing and regeneration, collagen formation, and to help maintain skin firmness and elasticity. And I wanted it in the most convenient form – capsules.”

The Skin Elixir is formulated by one of the world’s leading nutritionists, Dr Simoné Laubscher BSc, MSc & PhD with 15 ingredients, including natural greens (barley grass, broccoli, and spinach), antioxidants (pomegranate, acai, green tea) and skin-supporting vitamins and minerals (Vitamin C, B3, B6, E, copper, and zinc). The Skin Elixir also includes a gut blend of turmeric, black pepper, papaya, methionine and aloe to promote healthy digestion.

The Skin Elixir comes in 60 Australian-made, non-GMO, gluten- and dairy-free, vegan capsules. The bioavailable capsules are packed with skin-nourishing super greens, vitamins and antioxidants.

RRP is $60.00 AUD and WelleCo The Skin Elixir capsules are available via www.welleco.com.au.

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