Let’s be honest: we’re all still a little rattled from the events of last year and, if we admit it, we’re exhausted. Exhausted from the mental load of running our salons in uncertain times, exhausted with worry about the well-being of our staff, and exhausted at the thought of going through an other lockdown. And all of that takes its toll.

“The thing with having lived through something traumatic is that the ripple effect can be ongoing,” says clinical psychologist Annie O’Brien. “And make no mistake, 2020 was traumatic for business owners. You don’t walk away from a year like that without any ongoing worry or anxiety.”

With that in mind, here are our tips for getting through the day when the anxiety takes over.

Get some air
“Don’t simply walk into another room, or out of the salon and into the shopping centre. Really get outside. The fresh air will be a great circuit breaker for the stress you’re experiencing in the moment.” And don’t use the outdoor space to bury your face in your phone or scroll through social media, says Annie. “Take the couple of minutes to just breathe.”

Re-think the salon environment 
What does it smell like? Sound like? “Sometimes reconfiguring a few simple things can have a great effect on your mind. Especially in a salon, where the senses are so important, why not ensure that yours are also being taken care of? Perhaps burn a different scent, or changer up the music.”

Switch off
We know, we know; owning a business means never switching off. But for the sake of your mental health, you need to sometimes. “Even if it’s just an hour a day, pack away your phone and silence your emails. Spend the time with your family, take the kids for a swim, or go for one yourself. It’s your ‘off’ time and you’ll notice that you come back to your responsibilities a little fresher after a solid hour’s break.”

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