While we wait out the lockdown on the beauty industry, there’s a good chance you’re re-evaluating your business; what has worked for you, and what hasn’t? What can lure your loyal customers back, and bring new ones in too?

If waxing if your specialty, then now is a good time to examine your offerings, and determine what can be done to really bolster your salon as a leader in the field once the doors re-open.

Refine your menu
Do your waxing offerings create a non-existent menu, or are they over-complicated? Having the right amount of options can provide the opportunity for a client to select a more luxurious option than they had initially considered. “Your menu is an extension of your marketing, which is the messaging that you communicate in the marketplace to current and future customers. It should not be too complex, but you do need one,” says Toshianna Barker, founder of SpaWorx.
“You should create a full menu that can then be adapted and modified for different marketing collateral pieces such as cards, brochures, posters, that you can use in different ways throughout your business location and online. Starting with a full menu allows all other marketing pieces to have a cohesive look and feel, which elevates your professional image.”

What’s your signature?
Whether your wax menu is just one part of services you offer, or if you’re exclusively a waxing salon, think of your signature service offering. “There is usually a wax service that most people seek you out for. It’s typically what gets you more new client referrals. Just like a good story, your wax menu should lead with your signature or specialty as a headline. Grab the interest of your potential client and let them know your unique approach to waxing,” says Toshianna. Sound difficult? It doesn’t have to be. Don’t overthink it. You do not have to invent something to be interesting. “Think of all the brands of bread in your local grocery baked goods aisle. Yes, it’s bread, but each brand has a message that reaches their customer, some better than others. Take the same approach by communicating what makes you the brand of choice for your waxing clients and what makes you great at your signature service. What should they expect when getting waxed at your business?”

It’s not permanent
Business and beauty evolves. So too will your waxing menu. Prices, materials and techniques will need to be updated as the need arises. “A common mistake of businesses is not keeping their menu current to the needs of the business in real time,” says Toshianna. “You should review your menu quarterly, just as you review your financial statements. Ask yourself, “What is working or not working?” Are there new trainings or techniques that you now want to incorporate into what you offer? Are there new services that you’d like to add to complement and expand ongoing benefits for your ideal client? Are you clearer on your signature service and need to update your timing and pricing strategies?

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