Simone Mulherin with one of her artworks

Jax Wax Australia is holding free beauty workshops for Aboriginal women on the north coast of NSW to help develop their self-esteem ‒ and potentially help them begin careers in the beauty industry.

The company held its first one-day Beauty Workshop for Ginda Barri mums at the Macleay Valley Workplace Learning Centre in Kempsey last June, and has since delivered a free workshop to around 10-12 women every month.

Led by Jax Wax national training manager Michele Hetherington, the workshops are “designed to reflect the standards of Certificate III in Beauty” and cover the basics of skin biology, waxing, nutrition, manicures, pedicures and makeup application.

Michele says the workshops have proved popular with one student (Simone Mulherin) already “becoming part of our mentoring program to further a career within the beauty industry”.

In addition to the beauty workshops, Jax Wax is also supporting the Aboriginal community by:

  • Sponsoring the Kempsey Dragons Junior Rugby league Club
  • Providing free skincare advice and a free brow wax and tint to 20-30 indigenous women in the Mapu Marung Women’s program at the Working with the Many Rivers Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service
  • Helping artist Jason Ridgeway enter this year’s NAIDOC poster competition ‘Voice Treaty Truth’
  • Conducting regular training sessions at the Ginda Barri Mums and Bubs group to help the women complete their year 12 education, gain vocational skills and develop positive parenting skills.

Michele, who is “extremely proud” of her Aboriginal heritage, says she is delighted that she is able to give back to the community of Kempsey with Jax Wax’s support.

“My grandmother is one of the Stolen Generation, and to be associated with a company that respects Indigenous Australians means a lot, not only to me but to the community.

“The support from Jax Wax will not only help the current generations but will benefit the next generation in the years to come.”

Michele is particularly happy about the impact Jax Wax has already made on Simone Mulherin’s life.

“Simone has had a difficult life which includes homelessness, drugs and domestic violence,” she says.

“It was when Simone was coming off drugs that she turned to painting as a form of rehabilitation and personal growth… A proud Aboriginal woman, and strong young mother of two handsome boys, Simone realised she could turn her life around…

“She is now working on setting up her own waxing business and I will continue to mentor her through this process, so she can fulfill her dreams.”

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