Footlogix, the world’s only “pediceutical” foot care line are delivering the secrets to the perfect “med-pedi” in just ten steps. Below, we’ve outlined the priority steps you need to take to deliver an exceptional medi-pedi, to nail your execution, check out the video!

Priority prep for the perfect medi-pedi:

Consultation is key – a consultation form will provide the best guidance for your clients’ footcare needs and set you up to build long-term client relationships. While your client is filling out the form, you may take the opportunity to introduce additional products. The Footlogix deodorant spray will leave your clients’ feet refreshed (and eliminate any foot odour).

Evaluation is also a critical component of the process – and the feet and legs should be included. The health of their toenails, the bottom of their feet with special attention to their heels, and the space in between the toes should be examined for abrasions or wounds. While it can be difficult to turn clients away – the presence of broken skin or open wounds, ulcers or abrasions is a contraindication for treatment. Refer them to a medical professional if necessary.

A thorough soak is essential – using the Footlogix Foot Soak will help prepare the skin for treatment, softening callouses and any rough areas. While ten minutes is optimal, take care to consider your clients’ medical history. Clients suffering from diabetes should only have their feet soaked for five minutes.

Once the skin has been soaked, you may proceed with a scrub, Footlogix’s Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub, working the product from the base of the foot, up towards the leg.

Once the legs and feet are dry you may proceed with Footlogix Professional Cuticle Softener, allowing it to absorb for 60 seconds and easy removal of excess debris. Proceed with the Callous Softener, importantly, in order for the Callous Softener to be effective, it must absorb for at least two to three minutes.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your client will be perfectly prepped for their medi-pedi. Now discover how to nail your execution by watching the video above.