She seems calm enough, but have you ever wondered what a first-time Brazilian client is really thinking? We give you the lowdown…


Your wax client could be having a minor freak-out when she fronts up for a Brazilian.
Your wax client could be having a minor freak-out when she fronts up for a Brazilian.


I have to take that many clothes off? Really?

They know this, of course, (they’ve no doubt asked a friend) but it can be confronting when actually asked to strip down to, well, nothing below. If you have a client who is looking horrified (or she is wearing a jumpsuit!), give her a towel to drape over herself. It will make her feel better, at least while she waits for you to come back into the room.


Ive been shaving for, um, years, you must hate me

You probably don’t realise it but, as a beauty professional, people are naturally more nervous you are judging them on their appearance and the beauty blunders they may or may not be making. A new client is especially aware of this, particularly when she is baring all. Be approachable, polite and non-judgemental; if she has been shaving, tell her why waxing is a better option and just leave it at that.


If your client has been using one of these, they could be suffering razor angst.
If your client has been using one of these, they could be suffering razor angst.


Im going to get busy tonight!

A first time Brazilian wax client may not know what to expect post treatment. So let her know that the area will be sensitive and a little pink for a few hours afterwards. This means, while not strictly forbidden, a steamy bedroom session within the first 24 hours is not the best idea. Exercising is also best left for the day after a wax. Too much sweating around the area can cause friction and irritation. Tell anyone with a hot date planned to wax the day before. Easy fixed.


Am I normal?

Even a grown woman can think this at times, and by “times” we mean, when her legs are akimbo getting a Brazilian. You’re a professional, and you’ve seen it all before, but just remember, your client is a person and may have insecure thoughts running rampant as she calmly talks about her day at work or how her two year old just spilt the milk all over the kitchen floor. The golden rule? Keep facial expressions in check. It is literally the difference between a client coming back and her heading for the “I’m never going back there again” highway.


waxing with Caronlab Deluxe Strawberry Crème wax means less irritation and redness.
Waxing with Caronlab Deluxe Strawberry Creme wax means less irritation and redness.


Its going to hurt, bad.

Embarrassment aside, this is by far the over-riding fear of a new wax client. But in fact, the idea of a Brazilian is actually far worse than the reality. Lilliane Caron of Caronlab has a XXX waxing method, which uses a combination of hard and strip wax for the most effective and pain-free Brazilian. Her go-to waxes are the best-selling coconut-formulated Brilliance Hard Wax, and Strawberry Crème Strip Wax, which are both formulated with skin-nurturing Titanium Dioxide to reduce redness and ensure a smooth, hair-free finish. If your client still looks unsure (and even if she doesn’t), a second or two of pressure from your hand post wax, goes a long way to calm that initial sting.



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