The Tanning Revolution

Just like the beauty sphere the tanning industry continues to evolve with ever changing trends and new formulations that are giving clients much more choice than ever before.

Spray tan salon owner Stacey Manning from Malibu Spray, who opened her salon in ACT during 2007, says today clients are demanding a range of colour depths from natural to ultra-dark and now salons can further customise the tan tailored to the client’s individual skin concerns.

“Clients are wanting not just a colour that suits their skin tone but also the choice of added hydration and sweat resistant tans,” she says.

Stacey pinpoints special blends such as the Fitness Tan range by MineTan which has sweat resistance properties and is infused with caffeine and Guarana as the most popular trend, not just for gym goers but everyday tanners after a longer lasting tan to occasional tanners going on a tropical holiday.

“The sweat resistant tans for the summer season this year is going to be the most sought after,” she says.

She reveals hydration based tans are also highly popular, infused with moisturising antioxidants and oils ensuring a better fading tan, giving the client a skin treatment and tan in one.

Tanning pre-wedding has always been popular with brides before their big day with the colour options ranging from natural to a deep dark tan to give them the perfect glow. At Malibu Spray brides-to-be can enjoy a tan in a private VIP room which is separate from the salon for brides and their guests and has proved hugely popular with formal groups as well.

“Today’s tanner is very savvy, so you have to make sure your offering your clients the highest quality products, the latest tanning equipment and air brush tanning techniques. The results will leave your clients with a more even, flawless tan which is dry to the touch after application, long lasting and will fade evenly,” she says.

Stacey also says another important tip is to educate clients on correct pre- and post-tanning care to ensure perfect results.

“A flawless spray tan is the most important trend that will never be outdated.”

Tan Temple owner Jaclyn Haslam agrees and says as it starts to warm up clients are getting a little bolder with their colour choices.

“They are starting to opt for deeper colours and violet base tans are a pretty big trend at the moment. Contouring is also great to add a little definition coming out of winter, when you might not feel your fittest! Applying an extra layer to the outer edges of the torso, thighs, and butt give you a bit more confidence to get back in to your bikini and hit the beach.”

Jaclyn founded Bondi’s Tan Temple, which has twice won best Australian tanning salon at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards, in 2010.

“When I started I quickly changed the focus from ‘just a spray tanning salon’ to wanting to be ‘the best spray tanning salon. I wanted to create a salon with amazing customer service and the best attention to detail so that clients never had to feel nervous to get a spray tan again,” she says.

She reveals her top tips for remaining at the top in business is her focus on team building.

“I focus a lot on the girls that I hire and create a really friendly fun team that sets the vibe and puts clients at ease. We have gone from strength to strength and are now often booked out most evenings which is a great feeling – there is always room to grow.”


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