Thalgo Laboratories has launched its first professional cosmeceutical range.

It’s a move the industry has been waiting for with baited breath. Iconic skincare line, Thalgo has launched its first professional cosmeceutical range.

Developed by two world-renowned dermatologists, based on the principle of mesotherapy, the new line, M-Ceutic, was designed with beauty therapists in mind, offering a professional treatment and a prescriptive homecare range.

Featuring Mesolift Marin, a bio-regenerative infusion aimed at boosting cell metabolism to preserve the skin’s youthful appearance, and Neo Skin, a complex used to correct severe imperfections and deep irregularities and to reconstruct optimal skin quality, the M-Ceutic line is underscored by Thalgo’s marine-centred ingredient philosophy, with a potent combination of algae extracts.

An all-in-one solution, the range targets surface irregularities, dullness, blemishes and scars, pore size, skin texture, ageing concerns and even acne.

The new line also includes a specialised treatment range, M-Ceutic Renovation Radicale Beauty Treatment, which features three therapeutic steps.

Step 1: Renovating Peel

Eliminates dead cells, erases skin irregularities, eliminates the accumulation of keratin and encourages skin to regenerate without blemishes.

Step 2: Bio-Regenerative Infusion

Detoxifies and re-oxygenates the tissue deep down to boost cell respiration and regenerates cell metabolism using patented pure Mesolift Marin.

Step 3: Corrective Intervention

A professional serum mask with Neo skin is applied. The mask resurfaces and exfoliates the skin for a youthful, restructured and smooth skin.

The Renovation Radicale Prescriptive Homecare Range

M-Ceutic Intensive Peel is a week-long course that offers dual renovating powers for visible results in 7 days. The peel is suited for skin with irregularities, unevenness, dilated pores and thick texture.

To learn more about the range, check out this video.