Spray Tan with a Sparkle

The most expensive and excessive spray tans beloved by celebs.

kimAlways the master of excess, Kim Kardashian is once again bringing an industry to its most outrageous heights, with reports indicating she’ll don a diamond spray tan for her big day. With celebrity input contributing to a tanning business that estimates $2.6 billion dollars in annual revenue in the US alone, we take a look at some of the most expensive and excessive spray tan trends.

The Diamond Tan
Kim may be planning to sparkle like Edward Cullen in the Parisian sun but her diamond tan actually isn’t a world first. In late 2012, British tanning company St.Tropez released a limited edition diamond spray tan, which gained traction with publicity on England’s Reality TV. The sparkly service was offered at 200 pounds, roughly ten times the average spray tan.

The Gold Tan
Keeping it in the celebrity family, Kim’s one time BFF Paris Hilton has been purported to sport a tan with real gold flakes, giving new meaning to the term ‘Golden Tan’. Mariah Carey admitted in 2006 to using spray tan laced with real gold flakes every night to achieve her trademark glow, and even released a line of the products shortly after.

The Meteorite Tan
Meteorite Essence has graced the beauty industry but may have awhile to go before it breaches the tanning frontier. An out of this world elixir, called Celestial Secret, contains actual stardust and is used to strengthen the skin barrier and combat ageing. We can only hope this makes its way to the tanning world. Not only is it good for the skin but, also, if we’re trying to tan without the sun, shouldn’t we at least try to incorporate the stars?

With tanning ingredients rapidly diversifying we’ve come to expect a little sparkle with our spray tans. When Kim walks down the aisle all-aglow this May, we may see the trend catch on like wildfire. And who knows? Maybe stardust will be her spray tan of choice if she ever reaches wedding number four.

By Shannon Gaitz

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