So while you were sleeping, someone invented prosecco-flavoured nail polish and wine-lovers around the globe are going nuts. The golden formula apparently contains a ‘finely milled edible pigment’, which when shaken is supposed to mimic the appearance of bubbles. While you won’t get an alcoholic buzz (which is definitely not why we drink wine…), you will get the uplifting and crisp taste of Italy’s finest titanium dioxide prosecco.

That’s possibly not even the strangest thing about this, though. Daily deals site Groupon is behind the release, with the unlikely beauty retailer normally selling other brand’s wares at discounted prices.

According to their site, the polish was created with a very special woman in mind – mothers. “To help celebrate Mother’s Day we’ve created the world’s first edible prosecco flavoured nail polish, ‘Prosecco Polish. Combining our love for manicures and prosecco, this nail varnish is made with real processo and smells and tastes just like the real thing.”

The words ‘Do NOT DRINK’ are written on the back of the bottle, however they can be easily covered up when gifting to your mother-in-law.

The zero-calorie polish, which can only be won in a free prize draw on Groupon’s website, needs to be applied differently to other nail polishes, with the first layer needing to be as thin as possible and given 15 minutes to dry.

Despite the enthusiastic reception from nail biters and wine-aholics, health expert aren’t keen on the interesting combination.

“Apart from encouraging bad behaviours like nail biting, edible polishes tend to be full of artificial flavouring and sweeteners,” health and skincare professional Lisa Franklin told Daily Mail.

‘Moreover our hands and fingernails harbour the most bacteria found on the human body, so actively encouraging them to be continuously in one’s mouth is far from good advice.’

We’ll let you know when the chicken nugget version is available.


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